Victoria Is Now For Sale!

If you have enjoyed reading Victoria and are dying to know what happens next, you can now purchase the ebook at! Click here to go to the product page or follow the link below. favicon

20 thoughts on “Victoria Is Now For Sale!”

  1. Do you plan on publishing the remaining chapters here, or must we go buy it to find out the ending of the story?
    (Grr, I hate it when people do that, unless announced at the beginning, and only post a few chapters.)
    PS: My kindle software is broken. And Amazon tech support is hopeless. Damn it.

  2. You avoided my question. Which is a lie of omission.
    That’s ok… I can walk away from it now, I’m quite used to internet so called authors, somehow I thought you were different because you could write about this subject matter of character.
    (Just so you know, I’m a disabled vet, that is homebound, and this is my only recreation. I wish I had the money to buy your book, I would. I also was just about to recommend this to all my bud’s, but now I can’t, because of the element of deception, sorry. Amazing you can write a book based on character, but have to go about marketing like this. )

  3. Dear Mr. Lind,

    Please reconsider posting the rest of the novel here.
    Otherwise, this could turn out to be another example of underestimating the moral level of war.
    As the case of Piper Michael shows.

    A long time reader

  4. Good Lord in Heaven!

    What a bunch of self-important, entitled, babies… wah wah wahhhh…

    Why do you expect everything to be free? Are you a liberal or something?

    If you like the book and can afford it, buy it.

    If you cannot buy it because of financial issues, recommend it.

    If you cannot recommend it, then who cares what you think. It is not like you were going to pull a finger out to do something about it anyway.

    I don’t recall reading here a promise to deliver, for our own entertainment, a full book at no cost. Do you? Did the author make you some promises that I’m not privy to?

    There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, but 2/3rds of a free lunch is still a pretty good deal. Certainly it should be enough for you to decide if the rest is worth paying for.

    You immature, childish, baby!

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