This Is The World You Chose: Episode 3

Most or all of these are not new, but TITWYC is about collecting evidence of all liberal lunacy, not necessarily the most recent happenings. Let’s go.

It’s not too late at this point. You can still back out:

Trans-normalization is arguably the next SJW crusade, but incest is not far behind. I’m surprised these two aren’t nominated for president with the amount of victim boxes they check:

Because this is what you want your kids to see when they flick on the TV:

Parents that choose not to vaccinate their children because they worry about the side effects are harangued while this boy’s parents and his “doctor” are applauded for ruining his life, all in the name of “progress”. Heartbreaking:

Nothing is immune:

I found these on Twitter. Everyone should stay off Twitter. favicon

21 thoughts on “This Is The World You Chose: Episode 3”

  1. My take on transgenderism:
    Basically medicine is limited to changing the facade easily, and I know of no instance where it has gone further (bone and bone marrow). Cosplay meets biohacking. My words are a bit less temperate at the link. Note the child above will simply not go through puberty instead of becoming the gender. At one time we did have castratti, but they were still men/male.

    Also, I did not choose this world, it is a “democratic”, i.e. collective choice of the majority.

    @frenchy – I suppose this is some kind of warped “bucket list”.

    One interesting thing is you don’t find this kind of calling out on the political right. O’Reilly, etc. never takes on Abortion or things like the above. If your answer to Rachel Maddox is Bill O’Reilly, you’ve asked the wrong question.

    For credibility, you can, without too much effort, find shocking evils and violations on the right. And not just tacit acceptance. Common Core probably has no good imagery, but it is an example. The War on Drugs or Terror (as method) is another – we had to burn the constitution to save it.

  2. And just in from Drudge, PolyGaymy

    Yet the language hasn’t caught up. “Tie the knot” or “hitched”, well maybe half-hitched or tied the slip-knot. I’m waiting for the remake of “The Gay Divorcee”.

  3. For further reading, Eric Raymond penned an essay, and the link at the top to the original is also worth a read (2 web page – the meat is on the second).
    Questioning transsexuality
    (here is the link to the article make it easier)
    Bradley Manning is Not a Woman
    TL;DR version is that there are people with a disorder where they desire to amputate their limbs – their idea of their own “body image”. We consider that they have a mental problem and generally don’t permit them to do so. Why is “reassignment” surgery – which is mostly amputation – any different?

  4. I already knew many women were a-holes, but few are as bold as those in the first image to actually show it.
    There is a derogatory term beginning with a C that rhymes with “runt” describing the hole on the opposite side. Because I think I already know the answer, I really don’t want to ask… If they graduated from the City University of New York. [this is my version of profanity, most won’t understand].

    My immediate reaction is a preemptive “Next” as far as “wife and mother” material.

    I don’t remember dying, much less being judged and condemned to hell. OTOH, this is beyond anything in Dante’s inferno.

  5. Not sure if you caught my meaning. I thought my quote was Monty Python. I think I was supposed to say “…purple bucket”, as in, “I think I’m gonna puke!”

    But I did catch what you meant.

  6. Fortunately, when I went poking around to see what in God’s name that was all about, I read elsewhere that that top image is actually from a pornographic film and not a genuine wedding. Found a few articles calling it a trend, but all of them just posted the same four or five images. I’d venture that this isn’t really widespread at all and is just the doing of a handful of idiots.

    Many dumb comments out there along the lines of “How DARE you think to judge the actions of another human being. This is just young women having light-hearted fun and exploring their sensuality without hurting anyone? How dare you criticize it or think it reflects upon their character in any way?”

    But the most thumbed-up response was the one that called it tasteless and disgraceful. I believe there still is some hope.

  7. QED, part 436: – Originally at, but the summary and links are in the story.
    TL;DR Planet Fitness in Midland banned a woman because a transgender whatever (who was born with a penis) used the Women’s locker room, and “self-identified” as a woman. This is an opportunity for an army of black-knights. Note: you can always say “I like women, so I identify as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body”.

  8. One thing I liked about Victoria is there wasn’t a whole lot of “Oh hey let me patiently explain why you shouldn’t turn that little boy into a girl.” Instead you just have to draw a line and say “Here is a border you freaks. That is your side, this is ours. If God doesn’t rain fire on you, we’ll mail some bibles for you to read.” Sure they deserve justice but who is able or willing to bring it on this scale.

  9. The mother-daughter lesbo thing is a hoax.
    Check your facts. This looks like a great website. Don’t degrade it publishing crap.

  10. It might be that much more powerful since we can tell what is real and what isn’t anymore.

  11. That’s a funny idea–do a column called “Spot The Fake” and include outrageous examples of the Decline and one of them is a fake–can you tell which one it is? LOL Editors take note.

  12. Poe’s Law.

    For those unfamiliar, Poe’s Law states that with the advent of the Internet it has become impossible to distinguish between genuine political extremism and parodies thereof.

    More generally stated: so many people today have both an Internet connection and a complete
    psychotic disconnect from reality that you can no longer tell trolling
    or parody from real insanity, which is why The Onion isn’t funny any

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