This Is The World You Chose: Episode 2


As the dying brontosaurus we call liberal civilization rapidly moves toward extinction we can take note of the carnival of fools we live in. Looking for bizarre and absurd stories is about as easy as buying groceries at the store. Let’s see what we have this week:

    1. While feminazis and fembot retards are complaining about exploitation, gamer-gate, and the male gaze the most popular reading material for women is Fifty-Shades of Grey which was just released as a movie Feb 13, 2015. This soft-porn novel is about a rich and wealthy sugar daddy taking advantage of a woman and forcing her to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep her quiet. Why would women want to read about one of their own being taken advantage of, while at the same time complaining about sexual objectification of women in video games and TV? If anything shows us that modern women are schizophrenic and sadomasochistic it is this piece of trash. For a real romance read about Aragorn and Arwen and Faramir and Eowyn. No sadomasochistic women there.
    2. We see at the Huffington Post here that a woman might get life in prison for sexually assaulting her child and committing acts of bestiality with a dog. Really, raping your own child and screwing a dog?! Well this is the world you chose! Such activity in a just world would deprive her of the right to deny the state from removing her uniquely feminine organs.
    3. Going to The Blaze we see that spraying obscenities about Allah is hate speech. While of course “Piss Christ” is art and banning public expression of the Nativity and Ten Commandments is an atheist/liberal sacrament. Needless to say this just proves that our political leaders are the proverbial geldings and the terrorists are stallions.
    4. You know the world is broken when the so called conservatives are more liberal than Joe Stalin. According to PEW Research 60% of young Republicans support gay marriage. Not much more to say if Stalin was more conservative than the young Republicans. I never thought I’d have nostalgia for the USSR. Heaven help me. favicon

6 thoughts on “This Is The World You Chose: Episode 2”

  1. I would just note that before I was born, we had Holy Matrimony, in which contraception and divorce were considered grave evils, (and for Catholics, remarriage was adultery). I can see why young Republicans wouldn’t deny this temporary, sterile, civil institution to Gays, no more than driver’s licenses.

    Yet how many on the Traditional Right would say divorce and contraception should be returned to their earlier position? At least in the churches, as Caesar can’t touch much without ruining it.

    Deviancy has already been defined down. It is futile to try seeing if we don’t fall into the hole by holding and saying today’s ratcheting down is too much. We must use the limited fuel in the retro rockets and hope we can escape.

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