This Is The World You Chose: Episode 1

“This is the world you chose” is an excellent rhetorical device used to point out the madness of the post-Enlightenment, liberal order. All you need to do when debating is point to the disgusting state of society, which was all enabled by their poisonous ideology.

In this column we will point out recent insanities from the world of Progress!, and generally point and laugh. Remember: if you are a Liberal–classical or modern–this is the world you chose.

Jack Donovan posted this on his Facebook page on Thursday. What’s sad is how un-shocking this really is. Of course there are now lacy bras made just for men.

If there was any doubt that Western culture was truly dead and it is time to start anew, wait a week or two and look for a new bit of legislated cultural Marxism from either Britain or Sweden. Any time I think we have it bad in the U.S., I look to Europe and realize how much worse it can be. Labour politicians want to teach your five-year-old what a certain group of perverts like to do with their genitals.

I take it back. We really are insane. Think about how much you pay in taxes. If you are an average working American, you give up one-third to one-half of your earnings to the government. All that time and effort is confiscated. And what do they do with that money they pillaged? They spend it on hormone treatments for dirty, confused people that don’t even live here.

I didn’t want this. This is the world you chose. favicon

4 thoughts on “This Is The World You Chose: Episode 1”

  1. I’m all for simple, effective rhetorical devices but you
    have to cite examples of things that actually bother people for this to work.
    This might work with some of the older, moderate leftists, but most leftists
    are so far gone that almost nothing, no matter how freak-show, bothers them.

  2. This is mostly for anyone still invested in “freedom” or the constitution. Mainstream conservatives can still be turned.

  3. Big wow on the “male lingerie” thing, that one’s new to me. Luckily even the most liberal of women still cringe at the mere thought of it. And they surely won’t last long in business, why would a man who actually wanted to wear knickers in bed pay for them instead of just stealing them from his wife’s drawers?

    I’d say go for more than three links per episode though, that’s no way to keep up with the deluge.

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