The White Right Rises

One reason Donald Trump won last year’s election was that he was widely perceived as the white candidate.  This marked something more important than his election: the rise of white political consciousness.  As other racial and ethnic groups have done for some time (“La Raza” means “The Race”), whites are increasingly defining themselves by race rather than class.  Like other groups, they perceive they have group interests as whites and they are willing to work and vote for those interests.  This is entirely legitimate. 

But why are whites seeing their interests best served by the right rather than the left?  Because the left is now dominated by cultural Marxists, and cultural Marxism defines all whites as evil “oppressors.”  Just as classical economic Marxism labelled all capitalists and landlords as evil, regardless of what individuals did (many cared about and for their employees), so cultural Marxism considers all whites bad to the bone (unless, maybe, they are gay).  Whites are supposed to do nothing but grovel endlessly in the dirt before “people of color”, apologizing for being white. 

Not surprisingly, a growing number of whites aren’t buying it.  It is not conservatives but cultural Marxists who have created the rise of white political consciousness.  If you keep kicking a dog for being a dog, eventually it does what dogs do and bites you.  Cultural Marxists would do well to remember that when whites get mad enough to bite, the bite is often fatal.

That brings us to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Lost in all the howling and weeping about “hate” (in cultural Marxism’s lexicon, “hate” is any defiance of cultural Marxism) is what sparked white outrage in the first place: an ideologically-driven, ahistorical decision by the town government to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee from the city park.

It is understandable why many white Southerners were angered.  Lee was no fire-eating pro-slavery agitator.  He opposed Virginia’s secession.  Lincoln offered him command of the Union armies.  But when Virginia did secede, Lee felt he had no choice but to go with his state.  Like many people of his time, his primary identification was with his state, not the United States.

Lee contributed greatly to the nation’s healing after the Civil War by refusing to endorse plans to continue the fight with guerrilla warfare.  That could have given the country another decade or more of war.  After the conflict was over, Lee was respected in the North as well as the South.  Who do the cultural Marxists on the Charlottesville city council think they are to attempt now to turn Lee into “another Hitler”?

In this and other instances of assaults on statues and markers commemorating the Confederacy, Southern whites are right to organize, protest, and demonstrate.  However, unlike in Charlottesville, they should never initiate or escalate violence.  Doing so will almost always work against them and their cause.

Understanding why this is so requires knowing how Marxism (both versions) works.  Marxism takes certain Christian virtues, such as concern for the poor, carries them to extremes and then turns them back on traditional society as weapons.  Until there is no poverty, no misery, no unhappiness even, the fight for “social justice” must go on.  Since perfection is impossible, the assault must continue forever.  In cultural Marxism, these attacks fall under the label “critical theory”.

One outgrowth of “critical theory” is that there can be no higher moral category than “victim”.  When whites initiate or escalate violence, they give “victim” status to anyone on the other side that gets hurt.  Since many Americans have been psychologically conditioned by cultural Marxism, they identify with these “victims” — and cultural Marxism wins another round at whites’ expense.  This is why, as one of the founders of cultural Marxism, Antonio Gramsci, said, it cannot be defeated by violence.

Whites who rally against cultural Marxism, in defense of Confederate history or anything else from America’s past, must be prepared for violence.  As we have seen on too many campuses, elements of the left will physically attack conservatives if they think they won’t get their backsides kicked.  If the left starts the violence, it forfeits “victim” status and we can win (unless we escalate).  If Southern whites want to win our second civil war, the war against cultural Marxism, they have to know their enemy and fight smart.  The South cannot afford a second defeat.

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  1. Who was the govt agent with the freshly unfolded, still
    creased, nazi flag? Some paid actor? Which group of
    the southerners was he from? No group? Thought so.
    The helicopter that ‘went down’… what did it video?
    Like the news chopper in ct that caught the unintended
    footage of the camo perp running off into the woods
    away from the ‘school’? The pilots ‘died’?

  2. Anyone know what the deal with that was? MIB agents with Stinger Missiles is one explanation I suppose, and then it’s not unheard of for helicopters on otherwise-routine flights to crash, but…

    …I have to wonder if the cops were flying their chopper at an unsafe altitude as part of their illegal harassment of the protest. If that’s the case, there could be grounds for a wrongful death suit.

  3. It’s like a physical fight where the cultural Marxist fighter delivers the first punch, and the white fighter then punches back harder, and the CM reels about, dazed. Then the white fighter has to hold back and wait. If he punches a second time the CM becomes the victim and the white fighter is back to being oppressor. So then the CM punches again, a weaker punch, then the white fighter punches back a real knockout blow, and bounces around again, waiting. And so it goes. Lure the piece of shit in until you can knock him out permanently. Of course the CM can stop at any time and walk away victorious. So it’s necessary to keep luring him in until a murderous blow can be landed.

  4. My issue is that people who were defending themselves against violence are in jail right now, being charged with assault. So are those on the right supposed to just allow themselves to be beaten to death or maimed in order to avoid being perpetrators or perceived that way?

  5. These gayass tiki-torch marches are no substitute for what our enemies call ‘direct action.’ Why the hell aren’t there Southerners linking arms ten deep around every statue the day the crane shows up? I can’t understand it.

  6. As Commandant Lind has aptly pointed out in a recent article, Charlottesville was a massive 4GW failure on the part of the right. First of all, the right had bad optics from the get-go, and it just got worse as things progressed. The right lost the all-important moral high ground or at least the appearance thereof. And the left-media has had a field day as a result.

    Secondly, it is now being realized the entire thing was a false flag event from its inception. The organizer was until about nine months ago a leftist Obama supporter, and a leader of the Occupy movement. There are reports of Antifa and people.dressed as Nazis and KKK arriving together on the same buses. Finally, we are now hearing from individual police officers who are confirming that their orders were to stand down at first, and then to drive the two opposing sides together in order to create a riot and violence. One such officer has even said that the leftist mayor and governor had been planning this since May.

    So what is one to do? It is probably best to avoid having such marches altogether. Or if you absolutely cannot stop yourself, then at least have a battle plan and battlefield preparation that is based on good.optics and holding the moral high ground. What would this look like? Several things come to mind. Wear white shirts and ties. NO shields, helmets or anything like that. Have your own security that forcefully turns away any nutjobs or provocateurs wearing Nazi or KKK clothing. Make aure that at least 20-50 percent of your marchers are Black, and have them interspersed theoughout your ranks. Hold hands, and hold them high. Let the cameras see the White and Black hands together. When the Antifa and BLM fascists attack, be like the civil rights marchers of the 1960’s. Innocent lambs being set upon by savages. THIS is the kind of optics you need and want.

    And finally, have one or two designated individuals to be interviewed by media. And these persons need to be dressed in suits and ties, very well-spoken, and able to succinctly and eloquently make the case for what you are doing, and be skilled in turning the media false narratives around on them. If any media persons stick a microphone in your face, you refer them to these individuals only, point them out, and say not one word after that.

    Optics and the perception of the moral high groumd are the most critical aspect of any undertaking. It simply CANNOT be left to chance.

  7. Indeed, sir! Let the media cameras show normal Americans, wearing conservative suits and dresses chaining themselves to the statues. Let there be a designated spokesperson to the media who can talk about statue removers being the equivalent of the Taliban, and how an overwhelming majority of Americans want the statues left alone. And how if we are going to talk about removing statues, then let’s start with the 54 statues of the KKK recruiter and Grand Klegel, the Democrat icon Robert Byrd. And if the cordon of statue protectors are attacked by Antifa and BLM savages, and/or dragged away by police, then so much the better. These are the kind of moral high ground optics we need.

  8. Check your browser, most of them have the ability to “zoom” the page. I usually have mine set at 150% and it makes a major difference to old eyes.

  9. “If the left starts the violence, it forfeits “victim” status and we can win (unless we escalate).”

    So, the only response is either perfectly symmetrical, or lesser, violence? Historically speaking, that has absolutely no chance of success.

  10. You’re right! So, you’re going to lead the next one right? No? Then shut the hell up about the “nazis and KKK members”. The fact of the matter is those are the only people with the balls to stand up. Complaining assholes like you obviously won’t.

  11. No, it was not a 4GW failure at all. If we had wanted to engage the communists tactically, we would have staged in a completely different manner. That was not our plan.

    As a matter of fact, we of the League of the South consider Charlottesville a complete success.

  12. You seriously consider it a complete success? Wow. Just wow. There are simply no words.

    Before I say what needs to be said, I want to tell you that I am in complete alignment with the goals of the League of the South. Even though I am not a member (yet), I am your ideological brother in arms.

    The Left and the media had you guys for lunch. The only way you influenced the public at large was negatively. Your rhetoric was all wrong, your optics were all wrong, and you fell into every trap the left and the media set for you. You had so many unforced errors it might have been humorous had somebody not been killed in the midst of it all. If you really think it was a ‘complete success’ then you either need to pull your head out of youe a** or else resign and allow new leadership to make a fundamental change in how things are done in your organization.

    You need to come up to speed on the entire.concept of Fourth Generation Warfare. You should start with the writings of William Lind, who is the foremost expert on 4GW. There is a reason thet US Army and Marine Corps commanders in the combat arms seek him out. As a starter read his novel entitled ‘Victoria’. Although just a novel, it deals with numerous scenarios in which the concepts of 4GW come into play. In particular, the concept of holding the moral high ground is paramount. It is even more important than victory in actual battle. You guys lost.the moral high ground at.Charlottesville, at.least.the perception thereof, and perception is everything in this media age we live in.

    Until you admit to yourself your ignorance, and make the effort to educate yourself and apply the lessons learned, you guys will continue to have your asses handed to you both physically and in the arena of.public opinion, and still have no idea what happened. You will also harm the very cause you seek to advance, and in the process tarnish the reputation.of all of us out here who are in your corner.

  13. HA HA HA!! ANYONE who buys into this BS is truly a moron!! What a bunch of conspiracy theory lunatics!! I feel sorry for your stupidity..

  14. I’m only too well versed on 4GW warfare. I say again, the LS march to the rally point was NOT a 4GW engagement.

    Further, ANTIFA and associates had their respective clocks cleaned by our LS stalwarts.

    Score: ANTIFA and associates – 3 dead, numerous injuries, almost 20 arrested
    : LS and associates – 0 dead, few injuries, 3 arrested

    You can call that a failure, still, if you wish. It was not. What it was was a pivotal action by the LS.

  15. It was a 4GW engagement whether you intended it to be or not. And you don’t even seem to realize that you lost.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  16. One: You weren’t there
    Two: I was there.
    Three: I was involved with the planning, including what we expected.
    Four: Most importantly, you don’t understand the nature of warfare, of any kind, as far as I can see.

    Last: I’ve been reading Mr. Lind for more than a decade, nearly two if memory serves, which means I have the knowledge and nature of 4GW warfare well in hand.

    With that, we’re done.

  17. that’s interesting. so you are claiming responsibilities for the deaths of two state policemen that day, besides a car assault and vehicular murder as an act of domestic terrorism?

    I hope somebody is getting all this.

  18. it’s real simple: because nobody cares. least of all “southerners”, who are generally too drunk to make it past Walmart and KFC

  19. or the socialist smashes your face in with one blow. I saw girls kicking your asses that day

  20. The Marxist left can rest easy if General Beauregard Cletus dumbass here is running the “war”.

  21. Marxism (Communism) can be defeated and has been defeated. It has only been defeated by: NAZISM and FASCISM and NEVER by Conservatives. The late great George Lincoln Rockwell pointed this out 50-60 years ago and it remains true to this day. Conservatives are too weak. The Brown Shirts in Germany and Black Shirts in Italy made mincemeat of the communists.

    BTW, I notice in your book section you quote a number of books by “Van Creveld”. Van Creveld is a Dutch Jew and whenever he writes anything that touches on Germany, he writes a load of utter rubbish. e.g. His analysis of the Franco-Prussian war. He wrote loads of nonsense about the Prussian railways.

    Conservatives are too soft, and that’s why they keep losing. Rockwell said it back then and to this day no conservative has defeated a communism. He’s too busy pussy-footing around the place.

    My website is:

    PS: I’m a Rhodesian – I actually lived there. And I was brought up with this soft conservatism. Conservatism failed us in Rhodesia and South Africa. The real answer is NAZISM = RACISM. That’s the real answer. Whites must be WHITE and stand up for being WHITE and never back down or have excuses just because the enemy is screeching at them. Don’t be intimidated by their nonsense. Hit them with everything you have like the White European you are!!

  22. There was no murder. The 32 year old ANTIFA member was attacking the car ahead of the one that ran into the back of that car.

    The videos tell all, why don’t you look for them?

    The dead ANTIFA died because she thought she could attack without risk, she failed. The two state police dead would not have died if they’d been on the ground where they belonged.

  23. wow that’s an amazing lie. Don’t you know that God Almighty condemns all liars to perdition? repent now before it’s too late!

  24. Nazism is a dead teutonic supremacist ideology. You are socialist, you are fake right.
    If you want to be effective ditch the symbols of dead fool, learn and grow.

  25. That was just its birth. It is the future. If you are against it, its because you understand nothing about it. Educate yourself and wake up from the pathetic weak slumber of the Christian loser conservative who never wins and has never experienced what it is like to be a man and to win.

  26. BTW, George Lincoln Rockwell, an American, the founder of the NAZI Party of the USA was the greatest NAZI who came after WW2. What a brilliant man. Study him sometime and see what he said in the USA and listen to the speeches he gave at universities until the Jews had him killed. What a man!

  27. BTW, if you think NAZISM is Socialism as in communism then once again you know nothing. Check out Hitler’s 25 point plan from 1920. Point 16 especially – wherein he pushes small business. Hitler was the most small-business friendly ruler in the history of the world. (He was also the most family friendly ruler who ever lived).

  28. Nazis have never won anything and they worked against the right in Charlottesville(see the post on this site). Unless of course they were plants.
    One way or another you are fake right and a fool. Either way you have no followers or future.

  29. The only “Right” that ever existed was NAZISM and Fascism. Only they ever defeated communists. e.g in Germany, Italy, Hungary & Spain. All other “right” have been a bunch of losers and clowns who never once defeated a communist ever. As for winning … you mean Hitler creating the greatest European Empire since Napoleon & the Roman Empire – that was nothing? He did that in the face of all out onslaught by Jew controlled UK+USSR+USA. Also, please, ask yourself why the USA+UK fought on the side of the worst communist garbage who walked the face of the earth. How was it that the “good guys” sided with the Soviet Union – a place where 60 million white Christians were butchered. What of the Jew Kaganovich? Kaganovich, known as the Wolf of the Kremlin personally oversaw the slaughter of 20 million people. Yes, those were “the good guys”. And Britain and America called them allies.

  30. Hitler considered the slavs less human than the turks. Hitler is as dead as your dreams of success.

  31. You’ve clearly never actually studied Hitler nor what they actually did in Germany. What they did was awesome. Hitler was the most small business friendly ruler imaginable. He was AGAINST monopolies and near monopolies (oligopolies). I just did part 2 of my videos on Hitler & the NAZIs and their 25 point plan originally drawn up in 1920. Read what they actually said. I’ll be releasing a PDF of a rare copy of the book from 1938. Here’s the link to my video: Video: Rare: Hitler’s National Socialist 25 Point Program – Part 2
    You can view the video here:

  32. Let me remind you that you’re telling me nothing new. I used to think exactly like you. I also thought National Socialist = Bolshevik Communist. I used to think that nonsense too. You need to see what the Germans ACTUALLY DID and it was AWESOME!

  33. In Part 2 video I go through the various economic points he raises. Go and see what he proposed AND what he later DID – because he did what he promised.

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