The View From Olympus: Will the Real Military Please Stand Up?

Several weeks ago, something very important in the development of Fourth Generation war happened. On our own soil, the U.S. “military” had to be protected by civilian volunteer militiamen.

The protection of U.S. military recruiting offices by armed volunteer militiamen occurred in response to the Islamic attack on two recruiting centers in Chattanooga. The Defense Department soon asked the militiamen to cease and desist, which they did. The fact that a militia’s defense of the U.S. “military” lasted only briefly does not undo its significance. The sort of thing we are used to seeing in hollow states such as Lebanon happened here.

The militia’s action was not required, let me stress, because the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who man our recruiting stations are incapable of defending themselves. The can do so, and would be happy to do so (well, the men anyway). Accounts of the Islamic attack suggest many of the recruiters behaved bravely, risking and sometimes giving their lives to protect others. They could not defend themselves because they are not allowed to be armed.

Here is where the importence of this incident to the development of 4GW on American soil, something we should greatly fear, is to be found. The reason our military personnel are not allowed to be armed is two-fold. Both point to the essence of 4GW, the emptying out of the state of its content, at the moral level.

The first reason is that too many of our servicemen’s superiors, both generals and civilians (including their ultimate superiors, the politicians) are moral cowards. They live in terror that an incident could happen where they might be held responsible, endangering the thing they live for, personal career success. Armed servicemen might lead to–horrors!–shots being fired. Murphy’s Law dictates that if enough shots are fired (even though we are talking very few), a civilian might get hit. The press will howl, “Who is To Blame?”, crying women will be interviewed on television, and “successful” people may find themselves in an unwelcome spotlight. Better to leave our “military” disarmed. The casualties will only be little people who don’t count.

The second, and related, moral hollowing-out of the state we see demonstrated by not allowing our servicemen to carry weapons in the womanizing of the culture, concerning which I have written before. Women are genetically programmed, by evolution, to seek safety. Guns strike most of them as unsafe. The general or politicians who dared to say, ”

Courage, people. Freedom requires taking risks. Yes, there may be some shoot-outs as our military personnel protect themselves and others from 4GW attacks, and yes, civilians may get hit in the crossfire. That is part of the price we must pay for liberty,

would end his career. The general would be fired, and the courageous politicians would be defeated at the next election as the women’s vote went to his opponent, who would no doubt to promise to “keep women safe.”

There is yet another wrinkle, one that plays both to womanizing the culture and “leaders” who flee responsibility. If we arm our servicemen, does that include gang members or other servicemen with non-state primary loyalties? Both have already shot and killed other American servicemen. The answer, obviously, is no. Should people with likely non-state primary loyalties be allowed to join and serve in the U.S. military? Again, no.

Then rise the shrieks and howls of the cultural Marxists, screaming “discrimination!” The moral cowards among our “leaders” have been conditioned to crawl and grovel before any accusation of political incorrectness, while those womanizing the culture are part of the culturally Marxist coalition.

A state that wishes to survive in a 4GW world will learn to discriminate. Its military leaders will be chosen for theirĀ Verantwortungsfreudigkeit, joy in taking responsibility. Its political leaders will be men who put the good of the whole over the long term first and themselves a long way second. What is the chance America will do or have any of those things? The same as its chance of surviving as a state. favicon