The View From Olympus: Will Hitler Again Destroy Germany?

When Adolf Hitler’s victims are listed, the one he injured most is usually left out. Who is that? Germany.

Hitler left Germany a smoking ruin, her cities bombed into rubble, a third of her territory lost, a third of what remained occupied by the Red Army. Millions of Germans were dead and more than ten million were driven out of lands where they had lived for millenia. Perhaps worst of all, Germans could no longer believe in Germany. The Third Reich cast a deep shadow on centuries of German achievements and delegitimized the good Germany that had existed up to 1918.

Now, it appears that Hitler may again destroy Germany, in league this time not with the Right but with the Left.

Germany, along with most of the rest of Europe, is inundated by an ever-growing flood of immigrants and refugees. Native Europeans who for decades had lived in countries that had little or no crime must now think constantly about their personal safety. Billions of Euros are being spent to provide for people who will never contribute anything to their new counties of residence. All they want to bring them is an alien and hostile religion and the tyranny of Sharia Law.

While European elites throw themselves down to serve as a doormat to these invaders, a growing number of ordinary Europeans are beginning to fight back. In France, Sweden, Britain, and elsewhere the resistors have parties that genuinely represent them for which they can vote. In Germany the situation is different. There, with no genuine conservative party on the ballot, Germans who want to preserve a recognizable country have instead formed a movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, PEGIDA. Centered on Dresden, PEGIDA’s weekly marches have steadily drawn larger crowds.

The German political establishment has united in opposition to PEGIDA and to any attempt to uphold German identity. In this, they have an important ally. Who? Adolf Hitler.

In Germany, any real conservatism is quickly labeled “Nazi” by the Left, and by faux conservatives such as Chancellor Merkel. Several weeks ago, the founder of PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann, attempted to satirize this argumentum ad Hitlerum by showing himself made up to look like the F├╝hrer. The establishment intentionally overlooked the attempt at satire (of itself) and howled that it proved PEGIDA (and any other attempt to save Germany) was Nazism. Chancellor Merkel’s deputy was quoted in the January 22 New York Times saying, “Hitler photos, racist slogans, now we see what is really behind PEGIDA’s middle-class facade.”

Every attempt to defend Germany will receive the same treatment: it will be called Nazi and its leader labeled “another Hitler.” This is of course standard Frankfurt School cultural Marxism, going back directly to Adorno’s book The Authoritarian Personality. But in Germany, because the Third Reich was so catastrophic, it usually works. The effect is to make it almost impossible for Germans to defend themselves against what may be the most dangerous type of Fourth Generation war invasion, not invasion by terrorists but invasion by masses of alien settlers.

So Hitler, having destroyed Germany once, may do so a second time. This time, recovery will be impossible, because Germans and other Europeans will be on their way to minority status in their own countries. The Islamics, and most of the invaders are Islamic, will follow their usual script: first pleas for “tolerance,” then demands that they be governed by Sharia, and finally Sharia forced on everyone by endless violence and murder.

Dare one say “Deutschland Erwach?” favicon