The View from Olympus: The Murder of Christendom

Three recent articles in The New York Times, when read in succession, tersely summarize the murder of Western, Christian civilization.

The first, in the Sunday, April 19 New York Times Magazine, “Why Do They Go?” by Mary Anne Weaver, points directly to the essence of Fourth Generation war, the transfer of primary loyalties away from the state. After noting that foreigners make up half of ISIS’s forces, it reports that:

“An estimated 4,000 are from Western nations, some 600 to 700 from Britain alone. More British Muslim men have joined ISIS and the Nusra Front than are serving in the British armed forces.”

The second article, on the front page of the Saturday, April 18 Times, is titled “Tide of Refugees, but the West Isn’t Welcoming.” This is the cultural Marxists’ prescription for dealing with the Fourth Generation threat Islamic immigrants pose to Western nations: bring in more Islamics. If your goal is to destroy Western, Christian civilization, that makes perfect sense.

But the cultural Marxists face a growing problem: native Westerners are beginning to resist flooding their countries with people who want to wage holy war, jihad, against them. What are the cultural Marxists to do? Outlaw any discussion of the danger. The same April 19 Times printed on page A10 a piece titled, “France Announces Plan to Fight Racism.” It quotes French Prime Minister Manuel Valls as saying,

“Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners and homophobia are increasing in an intolerable manner in our country.”

He also announced a 100 million Euro plan to fight “racism”, a plan that will include “increased monitoring of online hate speech.”

A few facts are helpful to see what is going on here. French anti-Semitism is coming mostly from Islamics who are residents of France, many nominally French citizens. But that may not be what Monsieur Valls means by “increasing in an intolerable manner”. Instead, he is referring to the fact that more and more Frenchmen are voting for the National Front, France’s only hope of remaining France.  (In cultural Marxism, ideology trumps democracy; the rabble may not vote to overturn the work of the Vanguard of the cultural Proletariat.) And in cultural Marxism’s lexicon, “hate speech” is any speech that defies cultural Marxism, or worse, exposes it for what it is and reveals its goal, the murder of Christendom.

Here we see clearly how one hand washes the other. Cultural Marxism despises Islam because it hates all religious faith. The Islamics, in turn, would behead the cultural Marxists even before they could offer Christians the usual choice of conversion or the sword. But each thinks it can use the other to destroy the common enemy, Christianity. The Islamics in Western countries hide behind the shield of “racism,” while the cultural Marxists use the Islamics to generate Fourth Generation war, both in the Middle East and in Western countries. It makes the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact look almost innocent.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of Islamics are streaming across the Mediterranean into Europe, offering the cultural Marxists a growing supply of foot troops. The European political Establishment, instead of calling out Europe’s otherwise useless navies to protect its coasts, wrings its hands that some of the invaders are dying. The banners that conquered at Lepanto are handed to the Fourth Generation Islamic invaders to use as toilet paper.

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