The View From Olympus: The Identitarians

In Fourth Generation war, the most dangerous type of invasion is invasion by immigrants who cannot or will not acculturate. America has been fortunate in that most of our immigrants are Christians and can, in time,  become Americans culturally as well as legally. We do need to slow the rate of immigration greatly to permit acculturation.

But in Europe, the invasion is far more dangerous because most of the immigrants are Islamic. Many of them will not acculturate. They are there to change Europe’s culture into their own by offering the usual Islamic choice: convert or get your throat cut. Europe’s invasion by immigration is a threat to its historic, Christian identity.

Fortunately, a new political movement is rising in Europe to defend that identity. They call themselves Identitarians, and they are beginning to take direct action to curb immigration from North Africa. 

Several columns ago, I cautioned that if European governments will not act to defend their countries’ historic identities, their citizens will start doing so on their own. Virtually all of western Europe’s governments are dominated by cultural Marxists, which means they will put out the welcome mat for immigrants from other cultures (“multiculturalism”).  Cultural Marxists’ goal is to destroy Western culture and the Christian religion, goals set by Gramsci and Lukacs in 1919 and faithfully adhered to ever since. They will ally with anyone who will help them attain those goals, even people who will cut their own throats.

The July 21 New York Times carried a long article about the Identitarians titled “Italian Youths Find Mission in Disrupting Immigration”. The piece tells the story of a young Italian, Lorenzo Fiato, who helped man a small boat that attempted to block another boat that intended to “rescue” immigrants at sea and bring them to Italy. Many of the rescue boats are operated by left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). The Times reported that “More than 93,000 migrants, the majority sub-Saharan Africans, have been rescued and taken to Italian ports so far this year. There is a concern the  arrivals could top 200,000 by year’s end.      

The key paragraph in the Times article notes that

Mr. Fiato and his allies around Europe suspect aid ships of colluding with human traffickers and believe immigration amounts to a Muslim invasion. They wanted to disrupt and monitor the operations of rescue vessels and make sure they did not cross into Libyan waters, cooperate with human traffickers, or bring more migrants to Europe’s shores.

The Times added, “In Italy, members of Parliament have excoriated the mission. . .” Of course.

As Thomas Hobbes reminds us, the state arose for only one reason: to bring order. Immigrants from other, often primitive and hostile cultures bring disorder. If states refuse to keep them out and insist their own citizens just accept disorder and live with it, those states will lose their legitimacy. Fourth Generation war will spread as citizens do the only thing they can do to defend themselves, their communities, and their nations and take direct action against invaders. Their government will become irrelevant or a hindrance and people, especially young people, will transfer their primary loyalty away from the state to other entities, including movements such as Identitarians. The state has no one to blame except the cultural Marxists who make up the ruling class.

This is especially true in Italy where a solution lies ready at hand. Italy has a good navy that includes a strong amphibious force. That navy can easily make a lodgement on the Libyan coast, which is where most of the immigrants sail from and where, NATO having destroyed the Libyan state, there is no effective beach defense. Round up all the illegal African immigrants and dump them on the beach the navy has seized, then go back to sea. Not only will this save Italy from invasion, it will stem the migration as word spreads that you can no longer get to Italy. Lives will be saved because the African hordes will no longer put to sea.

Of course, the Italian government will do no such thing.  It doesn’t actually give a fig for the migrants’ lives (the Times, quoting the Italian interior minister, says about 2,000 have drowned this year).  All it cares about is destroying the Christian West by submerging it in an alien sea.  Can anyone still find Tarpeian Rock?

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  1. Number one… stop the invasion.
    Number two… remove the invaders and their enablers.

  2. Cultural Marxism was The Frankfurt School’s critique of [The Culture Industry]( It was an early critique of mainstream media and neo-liberalism. Adorno had things like this to say:

    >”The Culture Industry not so much adapts to the reactions of its customers as it counterfeits them.”

    >”this bloated pleasure apparatus adds no dignity to man’s lives. The idea of “fully exploiting” available technical resources and the facilities for aesthetic mass consumption is part of the economic system which refuses to exploit resources to abolish hunger.”

    >”The ruthless unity in the culture industry is evidence of what will happen in politics. Marked differentiations such as those of A and B films, or of stories in magazines in different price ranges, depend not so much on subject matter as on classifying, organising, and labelling consumers. Something is provided for all so that none may escape” -Theodor W. Adorno, [Enlightenment as mass-deception](

    Meanwhile Marcuse warned everyone that “progressive politics” could also become repressive and regressive in it’s own ways:

    …and The Birmingham School warned that [culture was drifting away]( from local culture. Due to the [Massification of culture in the form of the globalization of media + tabloid journalism.](

    This was a pre-internet critique of mainstream media and neo-liberalism, and ended around the time media became more democratized in the 80s, when the internet began to be foreshadowed with Zines, DIY culture, and public radio/TV. That’s when the tail end of the Birmingham School declared the need to critique mass media [to be kind of over because everyone could talk to everyone.](

    ….of course, the right wing conspiracy theorists will say it’s SJWs and a jewish plot that runs the media… but it was actually critiquing the media.

  3. You make a good point, but one could equally say they only attacked the media before they controlled it. Of course they still attack the media for any deviation. Gottfried also is correct I think that the Frankfurt School were too successful for their own good and the beast they created has evolved away from them. They never envisaged the actual genocide of Europe (maybe the Germans, culturally), but that is now the mainstream advocated position of much of the elites.

  4. It is entirely irrelevant that most of our immigrants are Christian. The only relevant fact is that almost all of our immigrants are third-world savages from Mexico, Central/South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. None of these low-IQ, parasitic aliens are ever going to be able to adopt the level of civilization attained by Whites. What is more they show every sign of hating Whites. There will be no assimilation by Third-World savages. They will, however, turn this country into a version of the Third-World hells just like those that they came from. We see this already in all the places demographically dominated by Blacks, Hispanics and all the others. Those places are not America. NonWhites will never be Americans. They are all a parasitic drag, cultural destroyers and foot soldiers for treasonous White leftists.

    You used to understand this fact. Are you too prepared to rationalize away your own country and civilization? ALL Third-World savages in the U.S. will have to go. If their own countries won’t take them back, our armed forces will create a “lodgement” in Mexico where they will all be deposited. It’s time the Mexicans had a taste of their own hostile medicine.

  5. Completely wrong. In fact, Europe is much better off than we are in that regard because their immigrants will never assimilate. And assimilation is death. You approach the issue from a conservative (i.e. cowardly) perspective, which is why it is wrong.

  6. If you weren’t retarded (you are), you would understand how attacks on unified culture and “fascism” are inherently anti-European and anti-traditional.

  7. Attacks on fascism are anti-European? Geez, you better tell that to everyone who faught and died in WW2.

  8. “Attacks on fascism are anti-European?”

    Yes. Real Europeans fought for fascism, if you recall, with fascism being the modern interpretation of traditional European political order. Anti-European Americans (morons) and British (vicious cretins) fought against fascism at the behest of anti-European transnational money power.

  9. The United States includes a lot of “third world” territory. I can never understand why you people think the Mexican desert is different on one side of an artificial line. Or how the sweltering jungles of Florida and Alabama are somehow “European”.

  10. there should be a lot less “we”. but fascism is not the modern interpretation of traditional order. fascism is the original LARP movement. Wearing costumes, acting out roles, fulfilling narratives. It’s a very modern innovation that had to be dreamed up long after the legendary former times had already faded a lot. It’s not normal to be a fascist or have those kinds of attitudes and passions. I’ve been to Europe, a lot. Basically no one is interested in fascism for anything. People want to live in the modern world not go backwards.

  11. Yes, fascism is the modern iteration of traditional order. You are a low IQ retarded subhuman who cannot even write, let alone think or understand ideas and history.

    Europeans have unfortunately been Americanized. They will wake up as they come under further threat from Islam and America declines in the coming decades.

    And it doesn’t really matter what Europeans want or not. What people want is irrelevant.

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