The View From Olympus: The Enablers

At the same time that Islam has brought terror and death to the city of Paris, France’s new Jeanne d’Arc, Marine le Pen, is on trial. Her supposed crime? “Hate speech”. If you tell the truth about Islam in France, i.e., that it is and always has been a religion of war, you will be arrested.

Nowhere else do we see so clearly the relationship between Islam and cultural Marxism as in France. Cultural Marxism gives cover to Islam while Moslems kill Frenchmen. As French blood flows in the streets of Paris, French cultural Marxists stand guard, ready to bring “hate speech” charges against anyone who dares answer the question, “why?” Why, because the Koran explicitly calls for violence against unbelievers and Islam considers forced conversions legitimate. Anyone who converts under duress and later says “I didn’t mean it” is under automatic sentence of death as an apostate. Islam’s war against French men on French soil will continue until France submits to Islam. Moslems do the killing, but cultural Marxism is their enabler.

Meanwhile, next door in Germany, that country–the anti-German Germany that is the Federal Republic–is importing more of what just happened in Paris. Frau Merkel says her “vision” is at stake. What is that vision? A deracinated world where an Afghan or an Arab has just as much right to enjoy the benefits of life in Germany as does a German. Hausfrau Merkel isn’t deep enough to be a cultural Marxist. She’s just their dupe. That’s okay with them, so long as she continues to import Islamic Fourth Generation war into Germany.

Why does cultural Marxism welcome people who will kill cultural Marxists as enthusiastically as they kill Christians? Because, as the members of the Frankfurt School make plain in their writings, cultural Marxism has no positive vision to offer. It is about “negation”, i.e., bringing everything down. It will ally with any force that aids its struggle to destroy Western culture and the Christian religion. Islam has been doing that since it first emerged out of the Arabian desert. What could be a better tool for the cultural Marxists?

Because of the rate at which Islamics are pouring into Germany and murder in the name of Allah is occurring in France, Frenchmen and Germans are beginning to see beyond the conditioning cultural Marxism has used to entrap them. More and more, as they face the truth about Islam, instead of seeing “Hitler” when they look in the mirror they see Charles Martel and Friedrich Barbarossa.

In France, Frenchmen have an option denied Germans. They can vote for a party, the National Front, that will compel Islamics either to acculturate and become French or to leave. If the culturally Marxist French Establishment keeps the National Front from power, well, French men then have another option, one for which they are famous: riot in the streets and hang every Moslem they can lay hands on from the nearest lamppost (“a la¬†lanterne!“).

The good news in all this is that Europeans’ revolt against Islam and its inherent violence endangers the rule of the cultural Marxists. European publics know that something is wrong with thier traditional political parties. They don’t know exactly what–few have heard of the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School–but they know those parties insist on leaving the door to Islam open and denounce anyone trying to close it as “fascists” and “racists”. Once Europeans turn forcefully against Islam–and they are moving that way–they may also turn against those who invited the murderers in. So we may hope. If it happens, the victims of the Paris massacres will not have died in vain. favicon