The View From Olympus: The Enablers

At the same time that Islam has brought terror and death to the city of Paris, France’s new Jeanne d’Arc, Marine le Pen, is on trial. Her supposed crime? “Hate speech”. If you tell the truth about Islam in France, i.e., that it is and always has been a religion of war, you will be arrested.

Nowhere else do we see so clearly the relationship between Islam and cultural Marxism as in France. Cultural Marxism gives cover to Islam while Moslems kill Frenchmen. As French blood flows in the streets of Paris, French cultural Marxists stand guard, ready to bring “hate speech” charges against anyone who dares answer the question, “why?” Why, because the Koran explicitly calls for violence against unbelievers and Islam considers forced conversions legitimate. Anyone who converts under duress and later says “I didn’t mean it” is under automatic sentence of death as an apostate. Islam’s war against French men on French soil will continue until France submits to Islam. Moslems do the killing, but cultural Marxism is their enabler.

Meanwhile, next door in Germany, that country–the anti-German Germany that is the Federal Republic–is importing more of what just happened in Paris. Frau Merkel says her “vision” is at stake. What is that vision? A deracinated world where an Afghan or an Arab has just as much right to enjoy the benefits of life in Germany as does a German. Hausfrau Merkel isn’t deep enough to be a cultural Marxist. She’s just their dupe. That’s okay with them, so long as she continues to import Islamic Fourth Generation war into Germany.

Why does cultural Marxism welcome people who will kill cultural Marxists as enthusiastically as they kill Christians? Because, as the members of the Frankfurt School make plain in their writings, cultural Marxism has no positive vision to offer. It is about “negation”, i.e., bringing everything down. It will ally with any force that aids its struggle to destroy Western culture and the Christian religion. Islam has been doing that since it first emerged out of the Arabian desert. What could be a better tool for the cultural Marxists?

Because of the rate at which Islamics are pouring into Germany and murder in the name of Allah is occurring in France, Frenchmen and Germans are beginning to see beyond the conditioning cultural Marxism has used to entrap them. More and more, as they face the truth about Islam, instead of seeing “Hitler” when they look in the mirror they see Charles Martel and Friedrich Barbarossa.

In France, Frenchmen have an option denied Germans. They can vote for a party, the National Front, that will compel Islamics either to acculturate and become French or to leave. If the culturally Marxist French Establishment keeps the National Front from power, well, French men then have another option, one for which they are famous: riot in the streets and hang every Moslem they can lay hands on from the nearest lamppost (“a la lanterne!“).

The good news in all this is that Europeans’ revolt against Islam and its inherent violence endangers the rule of the cultural Marxists. European publics know that something is wrong with thier traditional political parties. They don’t know exactly what–few have heard of the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School–but they know those parties insist on leaving the door to Islam open and denounce anyone trying to close it as “fascists” and “racists”. Once Europeans turn forcefully against Islam–and they are moving that way–they may also turn against those who invited the murderers in. So we may hope. If it happens, the victims of the Paris massacres will not have died in vain. favicon

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  1. “Once Europeans turn forcefully against Islam–and they are moving that way–they may also turn against those who invited the murderers in.”
    Turning against those who invited them in is the key, once that is fixed everything else will fall in place!

  2. I’ve been mulling it over.

    First things first.

    Step 1: Rise up against the invaders > Open conflict > Chaos
    Step 2: Take advantage of the chaos in order to remove the traitors/enablers.
    Step 3: Empower new elites.
    Step 3: Get rid of the invaders.

    Spanish revolt against Napoleon’s rule followed this pattern.

  3. Say what you will about the methods of Anders Behring Breivik, but at least he had the good sense to target liberals instead of immigrants. I don’t know if the others will have that kind of vision, but we should always keep in mind that the only reason the refugees even became refugees is because of the endless meddling of our multiculturalist overlords.

  4. “At the same time that Islam has brought terror and death to the city of Paris”

    Well, I hate to point out the blindingly obvious but when Hollande Bombed Damascus back in September and brought terror and death to Syrians, What did he think would happen?

    Where are the tributes to the Syrians murdered by the French?

  5. Western Europe is probably doomed because the natives have become too soft to do anything. Le Pen is a leader, hence the attacks on her.

  6. “cultural marxist”…”Frankfurt School”….my, the euphemisms for the word “Jew” keep on piling up, don’t they? Meanwhile, Marine has made her peace with the Jews…but they have not made peace with her

  7. Breivik is a Christian Zionist who murdered 80 White teens ’cause they were at an anti-Israel conclave. The Jews – and their imported anti-White ethnoids – laugh at this sort of thing. May he burn in hell forever

  8. Not to be completely off-topic on purpose, but I was wondering if you could figure a way to get rid of the ungodly advertising that goes with Disqus? I brought this up to and they were able to figure out a way to make them go away. Many of us who access this site from work have no way to adblock them.

  9. We are witnessing the malfunction of the “Invade the world, invite the world” strategy.

  10. Thank you Gordon for so eliquently stating what too many brilliant Al-Right authors are fearful to point out. I have followed Mr. Lind for years and I hate to think of him as just another Cuckservative Kikesucker, but as you point out – it is past time to name names and stop hiding the true enemy of Christiandom (or “The West” if you bow to Secularism) behind eufamisuns. The hour is too late in our fight for survival. Rememer, “Their message isn’t true if they don’t name the Jew.”

  11. Lind is definitely Jew-wise. He tries to appeal to people that would be scared off by mention of the eternal parasites though.

  12. If he went after politicians or policy makers I think people would think differently about Breivik.

  13. “At the same time that Islam has brought terror and death to the city of Paris”

    Islam hasn’t brought jack shit to Paris, because Islam isn’t a person, nor is it a group of persons. At least say “Muslims have brought terror etc etc”. Secondly, you’re such a despicable liar. I know hearing this make your blood pressure climb, but ISIS isn’t Muslims (or should I say, Muslims aren’t ISIS). The fact that ISIS are a tiny minority of Muslims isn’t something that you can simply gloss over.

    If what you say was really true, there would be attacks against Western Frenchmen DAILY. There are millions of Muslims in France but it takes almost a year for them to do a follow up attack to the one of Charlie Hebdo? Unlikely.

    The only explanation is that ISIS is at war with Westerners and not Muslims. If Muslims were at war with you, the situation would resemble Spain in the 8th century and not what you have now.

  14. Is Martin Van Creveld an enemy of Christendom?
    The US media may be dominated by cultural Marxist Jews, but I’ve known lots of Jews over forty years and only met one with a cultural Marxist ideology a few years ago. Most of them are ordinary people, most ordinary British ones are patriotic and actually oppose the cultural Marxists more than most people, because the c-Ms support the Palestinians and anti-Jewish Muslims.
    However, I would accept that Christendom does need to be – should have been – on its guard against Jewish originated ideologies, some like Communism and cultural Marxism are massively destructive. These ideologies originate from the Jewish intellectual elites and are extremely dangerous.

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