The View From Olympus: The Ebola Test

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The rapid spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa poses as a test for the United States. While Ebola appears to have natural origins, its characteristics are similar to what we should expect from genetically engineered plagues, which are likely to be Fourth Generation war’s preferred weapons of mass destruction. Ebola, especially the current strain, spreads in ways we do not understand. It is highly contagious. Its lethality approaches 90%. These are exactly the characteristics designers of new plagues will want in their weapons.

The test the current Ebola epidemic poses is simple: will we take the measures necessary to protect the American people from it? Those measures are well known to history. At their heart lies quarantine, i.e., keeping infected people away from the rest of the population. When the Black Plague hit Italy in the Middle Ages, some towns protected themselves effectively by a policy of immurement. When plague was detected in a household, the house was bricked up with all its inhabitants inside. How did they survive? They didn’t. But the town did.

Today, quarantine means stopping all travel between infected regions and the United States. No one from here may go there; no one from there may come here. What if they are American citizens? The quarantine still applies. What is at stake is survival. All “rights” come second.

Instead, in an act of mind-boggling stupidity, we have deliberately brought two people known to have Ebola into the United States, with more certain to come. We are assured by the usual authorities that they pose no danger. Since we do not know all the ways in which this strain of Ebola spreads, that is an obvious lie. Should Ebola get started in this country, from these two cases or others that enter because there is no quarantine, millions of Americans could die. In the insane reckoning of the politically correct Establishment, the risk of millions of deaths is less important than the supposed “rights” of two people. In a country whose government was still connected to reality, those who made the decision not to quarantine would be shot.

Nor does the problem end if this time we escape an epidemic. The real test is not Ebola. The real test is the Ebola-like plagues that will arise from the Hellish technology of genetic engineering. It is likely that when one of these plagues begins somewhere in the world, the American Establishment will follow the precedent it has set with Ebola — and millions of Americans will die.

How can it happen that a country’s leaders show such utter disregard for its people’s primary interest, namely survival? The answer is, this is what happens when you feminize — or to use the old word, womanize — a culture. Every question, every issue is personalized. It is all reduced to “Oh, the poor little _______(Child, dog, immigrant, loser, refugee, deer eating our gardens, etc., ad infinitium). If you don’t immediately melt into a puddle of sympathy, you are heartless, Scrooge, a monster. A womanized society cannot survive, because it cannot defend itself. Worshiping weakness, it becomes too weak to live.

The doctor heading the disease centers where the imported Ebola carriers are to be treated was quoted in the New York Times as saying, “These are American citizens, American citizens have a right of return. I certainly hope people’s fear doesn’t trump their compassion.” Those words would make a good epitaph on the tombstone of a country so womanized, so weak, that it could not quarantine a Fourth Generation plague. tr favicon