The View From Olympus: Stopping the Truck Threat

The murder in Nice, France, of more than 80 people by an Islamic jihadi (first name Mohamed) using a large truck as a weapon faces security forces with a new problem. I think that problem has an answer.

Using cars as weapons by running into pedestrians has been seen numerous times in Israel. Rifles and pistols in the hands of police, soldiers, or citizens can stop a car pretty quickly. A truck is a different matter. The truck’s massive front end offers the driver some protection against light weapons fire. Jihadis will also quickly start armoring the trucks. A few pieces of Kevlar, especially on the side doors, would provide significant protection against rifle and pistol fire. And no number of bullets will quickly stop a heavy truck coming at high speed.

But an RPG will. It will also go through the truck’s front and even armored sides to kill the driver quickly. What we need to do is equip every squad car and every two-officer foot patrol with an RPG. They aren’t even expensive.

I have argued for years that in many types of combat, the basic infantry weapon is no longer the rifle but the RPG. Our opponents all have them, and our own men are at a disadvantage because we do not.

Now, just as more and more police must carry automatic rifles, so some will have to carry RPGs. They require little training. They are easy to aim and fire. One shot into the cab of the truck in Nice early in Mohamed’s rampage would have saved many lives.

Of course, police cannot be everywhere, though I am sure the police presence at the fireworks show in Nice was substantial. But that points to another measure I have previously recommended: a militia that includes every male who will sign up, pledged to attack any active shooter (or other jihadi) with whatever means lie to hand. Against trucks, the obvious means is cars. Just as militia members would pledge themselves to attack on foot, so they would pledge to use their cars as weapons to stop cars or trucks used for terrorist attacks. How? By aiming straight at them and flooring it. Some drivers will die, but many lives will be saved overall.

In the end, no technical means will be enough to end the Islamic threat in France and other countries with large Islamic (especially Arab) populations. All Moslems except the Sufis, who threaten no one, will have to be expelled. That includes citizens. Kiss the cross or be handed a one-way plane ticket.

Before that happens, France and other Western countries will suffer many more massacres like that in Nice. At some point, enraged Frenchmen, Swedes, Belgians, and others will overthrow the cultural Marxists, take their countries back, and expel the Moors, at least those not hanging from lampposts. Don’t be surprised if it happens first in France. It’s been a while since French mobs took to the streets crying, “A la lanterne!,” but I doubt they’ve forgotten how.