The View From Olympus: Note to Europe–War Is Interested in You

Trotsky famously said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Europe’s governing elites have no interest in war, but war of the most primal sort, religious war, is very much interested in the countries they misrule.

The November 2 New York Times Magazine carried a long article by an American, Theo Patnos, who was captured by the Nusra Front in Syria. It should be required reading in every Interior Ministry in Europe, because it offers a realistic picture of the Islamic Fourth Generation forces that intend to bring their war to Europe. Patnos wrote,

I had stopped being surprised when Nusra Front commanders introduced their 8-year-old sons to me by saying, “He will be a suicide martyr someday, by the will of God.” … It would be a mistake to assume that only Syrians are educating their children in this manner. The Nusra Front higher-ups were inviting Westerners to the jihad in Syria not so much because they needed more foot soldiers–they didn’t–but because they want to teach the Westerners to take the struggle into every neighborhood and subway station back home. They want these Westerners to train their 8-year-olds to do the same. Over time, they said, the jihadists would carve mini-Islamic emirates out of the Western countries, as the Islamic State had done in Syria and Iraq. There, Western Muslims would at last live with dignity, under a true Quranic dispensation.

Arab culture is a culture of bullshit, but even so, it would be a mistake for Europe to dismiss this as fantasy. It is unlikely Islamic 4GW forces will be able to create emirates on European soil. Before that happened the European publics would be ready to fight, even if their current leaders would not. But it is entirely likely Islam will attempt to create Islamic zones in European countries, and in the attempt they will bring war to Europe.

It is, of course, already happening. Both England and France have Islamic no-go zones, where Englishmen and Frenchmen, including police, are in danger on their own soil. Muslims have reached out from these zones to carry out acts of war in other parts of Britain and France. What promises to change as a consequence of thousands of Islamics with Western citizenship going to fight in the Middle East, then returning to Europe, is the frequency of attacks on Christian and secular Europeans. These are likely to escalate to the point where European governments have to do something: expel immigrants who refuse to acculturate, turn their societies into full-lockdown national security states, or surrender and partition their countries on religious lines.

The cultural Marxists will want to surrender, but, again, their publics will not. We see that in the rising vote totals in every election for genuinely conservative parties, parties that want to preserve European culture. Faced with the threat of real democracy, the cultural Marxists will be up a creek. What will they do? One answer is certain: they will try to get the courts to outlaw the genuinely conservative parties.

Whatever twists and turns may occur, the whole mess still adds up to war. Amazingly, except to those who know how ideologues act, European governments are still stoking the intensity of that war by admitting more refugees. Padnos reported that

I listened to the fighters musing about their future. “Hey, Abu Petra,” they asked me, “what is Sweden like?” If they were to present themselves as Syrian dissidents to the authorities, what would happen next? Was I familiar with the procedures in Sweden for seeking political asylum?

While the Sweden Democrats, the country’s only real conservative party, did well in the recent elections there, all the other parties are in firm agreement that Sweden’s door must remain wide open to refugees. Sweden has an excellent military, but of what use is it when the politicians hold open the door to invaders?

So war, war where acts of terrorism are everyday events, is coming to Europe, or at least much of Europe. Britain, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain–all those places and more are on the road to war.They are not in the least interested in war, but war is interested in them. In this case, it does not take two to tango. favicon