The View From Olympus: Invasion by Immigration

Were Russian tank divisions now pouring into Germany, it is safe to say Germany would be fighting back. As it happens, Germany and Europe are now suffering an invasion more dangerous than that would be. Yet all Frau Merkel can do is stand by the side of the road handing posies to the invaders.

As I have pointed out for many years, in a world of Fourth Generation war, invasion by immigration is more dangerous–not less dangerous–than invasion by a foreign army. Why? Because unless the invaders are a Roman army, the enemy army usually goes home. He may permanently occupy a province–Silesia, Elsass-Lothringen–but an enemy state seldom swallows the whole thing and changes it into a place unrecognizable in both its people and its culture to those who lived there before. At least until Stalin did it to eastern Poland and Germany east of the Oder-Neisse line.

But vast numbers of immigrants do exactly that. The reason Gaul, Spain, Britain, and Italy in the year 800 bore no resemblance to those places in the year 300 was mass immigration. The current invasion of Europe by Moslems from the south is actually worse, because while most of the barbarians moving in wanted to become Romans–their numbers were too great for that–Islamics have no desire to assimilate. They plan to Islamicize Europe.

The September 18 New York Times quoted Marine le Pen of France’s National Front as saying, “Unless the French people take action, the invasion of the migrants will be every bit the same as that of the fourth century, and could have the same consequences.” Regrettably, the invasion of France has already succeeded, leaving that country occupied by millions of Islamic Arabs bitterly hostile to French culture.

But the suicide of Germany and the rest of Europe that is welcoming the invaders must continue so long as Globalists remain in power. The notion that all peoples, religions, and cultures are wonderful and peaceful (except Western culture, the White  race, and the Christian religion, which are evil and oppressive) is central to Brave New World’s ideology. That ideology is, of course, the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School. Its goal, from its initial conception in 1919 (independently) by Gramsci in Italy and Lukacs in Hungary, has been the destruction of the Christian West.

In all the West, as of now only one country, little Hungary, is acting to halt the invasion. This role is not new to Hungarians, who fought the Turks for centuries. Not only has Hungary forcefully closed its southern border, it has rightly called for a joint European force to defend the borders of Greece. The best place to stop the invaders is on the beaches. If the Greek islands are easy for the migrants to reach, they are also easy places from which to send them back.

Europe’s and especially Germany’s welcome to hostile invaders has its roots, as does so much evil, in World War I. As we commemmorate that awful tragedy, we should continually remind ourselves how deeply it still warps our societies, to the point where they commit suicide. The West’s lost belief in itself and its willingness to become a doormat for other cultures and religions comes straight from the Somme, Ypres, and Verdun. The absence of any Western country beyond Hungary to stand up to the invaders is part of the price for the fall of the Houses of Hapsburg and Hohenzollern. It is not hard to envision Kaiser Wilhelm’s orders to his troops in the face of today’s invaders, nor his reaction to the fact of Germany being led by a Hausfrau.

As I wrote recently, Germany’s reaction to invasion is so detached from reality, so much a product of Wolkenkukusheim, that is may end up for the good. Frau Merkel and the rest of the anti-German Germany notwithstanding, the German people are starting to resist. The empty thrones in Berlin and Vienna await their Christian monarchs. favicon

19 thoughts on “The View From Olympus: Invasion by Immigration”

  1. Kindness and charity can have no place in a Christian society! Especially towards strangers, the poor, the homeless and the sick.

  2. Harbinger of things to come? Here is Boris Palmer, young Grüne mayor of Tübingen speaking about migrants!5234269/ (note: die Grünen, the Greens, are a far leftist ecologist German polical party)

    “We cannot uphold our asyl standards”

    “We have to admit that German society is arriving at a rupture point”
    “We cannot (afford to not expel some people) or people from other countries will think they should come too”
    “The pain threshold of all German society is soon to become apparent. For not only engineers and academics are coming, but a lot more analphabetes”
    “We are in a period of idealism about refugees, but it can’t last”
    “More than 70% of refugees are young men with quite different ideas about women, religion, freedom of expression, homosexuality or environmental protection from ours Greens”

    That young mayor has been experiencing first hand the beginning -merely- of difficulties resulting from this influx of population. Nothing is better than reality hitting you in the face to give pause to think. Palmer then must be congratulated for his decision to speak straight.
    Indeed, like William Lind suggests, the eventual reaction of Germans to Merkel’s decisions is not yet known and may surprise…

  3. “Frau Merkel” – living proof you don’t need to be male to be a cuckservative.

    Sorry but you can find all sort of rape crimes committed by different races. The whole point of this article is that Islam as a religion is not compatible with Western culture; they need to live in their own countries however they please.

    The priority in the western countries should be to get people back to their Christian roots. If other cultures chose to live in western countries they need to assimilate. Key word being NEED, as in required!

  5. Of course rapes happen by all races, but the fact is that the ones done by non-white immigrants (who commit them at far higher rates) are entirely preventable. All we have to do is keep them out.

  6. I guess we have come to a point where the number of crime is what matters and not the crime itself? Rape is rape! Doesn’t matter who does it, it’s still wrong.

  7. “All we have to do is keep them out.”

    This is incredibly important to note. These aren’t rapes that would have happened anyway, these are tangible assaults on the native population. Assaults that our political and cultural leadership bear full responsibility for.

  8. ChaJ, I really don’t suffer fools gladly, but I’m gonna try just this once. That there are “rape crimes committed by different races” is as silly as saying that since my best friend as a child was once bitten by his pet hamster, hamsters are therefore as dangerous as eastern diamondback rattlesnakes. No, they’re not. In the same way, just because there are crimes in western countries, this does not mean that europeans are as violent (especially toward women) as muslims, whatever their race. The dude mentioned in the article hadn’t been in Germany a week before raping some little girl because she wasn’t wearing a burqua and, therefore, fair game for rape.

    While I’m glad that you are sentient enough to understand that islam is not compatible with…well, anything else, the point of the article is actually that islam is invading europe with the aid of the cultural-marxist left and that the war is being lost. Perhaps irretrievably.

    Your comment that they “NEED” to assimilate is ridiculous because a) The mooslims refuse to assimilate. and b) No one’s making them or will make them. The only question left really is if/when will the eastern europeans withdraw from the EU to save themselves from the muslim conquest western europe has already surrendered to and will they have the wisdom to start using live ammo to repel the invaders.

    Admiral Ackbar!

  9. “Need” in this context means “Europeans need them to choose to debase Islam and their own culture such that they don’t threaten our comfortable degenerate civilization”

    I leave you to guess how successful Europeans will be in getting that. They will be under sharia in 10 years.

  10. One german guy raping another german guy does not forgive or erase a thousand rapes by muslims against women or children, be they germans or other refugees.

    Quit trying to justify those immigrant rapes by saying “hey the germans have a couple too!”

  11. Nobody is justifying rape, I think you mentioned above something about ‘comfortable degenerate civilization”. That is the point I am trying to make, we don’t have a strong Christian culture let alone a culture. We have the cultural Marxist left running and ruining this country. Take care of that first. Then everything else will fall into place. Plus it’s really hard to believe that once “conquerors of the world”, Europeans cannot take care of these petty extremists! Times might have changed but I still believe the capabilities of European’s bloodline is still there.

  12. See my reply to Bluntobj.
    And try your name calling with some immature 18yr olds. It is not going to work with me. All you do is state some facts and fuel unnecessary animosity that does absolutely no good for what really needs to be done.

  13. Yeah, ChaJ, I guess stating “some facts” is pretty silly. Who cares about “facts” anyway? Well, have a nice day on whatever planet you’re living on. Those of use on Earth will continue to discuss “some facts”.

    Admiral Ackbar!

  14. The cultural marxists are the ones allowing muslification in the first place. If you desire to stop the left, you have to build from some point. You’ll not bring people to the fold that are “comfortably degenerate”. Change only happens when the pain becomes too much for an individual; long term thinking does not usually factor in for most. Get moving on the immigration and you’ll have a snowball that turns into an avalanche. The left will be wiped out with such momentum.

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