The View From Olympus: How to Prevent 4GW in America

Low-level Fourth Generation war has been underway in the U.S. for some time, largely in the form of gang activities. That is likely to continue, as will occasional terrorist incidents. This low-level warfare is a problem, but it does not threaten the state.

However, the Left’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump as president points to a far more dangerous kind of 4GW on our own soil. Trump’s election signified, among other things, a direct rejection of the Left’s ideology of cultural Marxism, which condemns Whites, men, family-oriented women, conservative blacks, straights, etc. as inherently evil. Not surprisingly, those people finally rebelled against political correctness and elected someone who represents them.

That is how our system is supposed to work. But the Left only accepts the results of democracy when they win. A rejection of cultural Marxism is, to them, illegitimate. Hence we continue to see not just the hard Left but the whole Establishment howl with hatred, loathing, and contempt directed toward President Trump and those who elected him. Establishment organs such as the New York Times drip venom from every page. The Times last week went so far as to devote and entire op ed to attacking the way the president ties his necktie!

This reaction will not intimidate the people who voted for President Trump. On the contrary, it increases their motivation. Their victory in November showed them they can win. They do not have to lie passive as the Left heaps manure on them. Having won once, they intend to win again and again and again.

The upshot is that we now have a country with two incompatible cultures. One is our traditional, Western, Christian culture. The other is the counter-culture of the 1960s, which was and remains largely a culture of instant gratification. The cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School created that counter-culture and still provides its ideological justification. As currently structured, our political system is not able to create a situation where these two hostile cultures can live together. That means we are headed toward large-scale 4GW on our own soil and probably a failure of the American state.

This is not an outcome any conservative, or anyone with a shred of prudence, can desire. We only need look at places like Syria to see why.

Fortunately, our political system has a latent component which, if activated, could enable our two cultures to live together in one American state. That latent component is federalism.

The authors and ratifiers of our Constitution never imagined that life would be the same in all states. In their time, life in Massachusetts or New York was very different from life in Virginia or South Carolina. Had they been told the government they were creating would use all its power to force life to become the same in every state, they would have been appalled. We would have remained a confederation.

That earlier federalism can be revived. The federal government can allow states once again to be different. In some states, such as Massachusetts or California, the counter-culture and cultural Marxism will be the norm. In other states like Ohio or Alabama the old culture will prevail. Individual Americans can move to a state that reflects their preferred culture. But all states will still be part of one country, united for foreign affairs, defense, and commerce.

The red/blue map of the last election, when shown by county, raises a further possible federalism. Donald Trump carried more than 90% of all counties. The cultural Marxists and their beneficiaries are concentrated in the big cities.

We might therefore want to introduce something very old: free cities. Hard Leftist cities–Portland, Oregon for example–in culturally traditional states might be allowed to secede from their state and become a free city. They would belong to no state. They would not be represented in the U.S. Senate, but could elect members of the House. Given their high population density, this would tend to create red Senates and blue Houses. In a country where federal government efforts to impose one or the other culture are likely to lead toward break-up, the inability to get extreme measures through both houses of Congress might be a good thing.

Both approaches to federalism would require Constitutional amendments. But if traditionalists and cultural Marxists can agree that large-scale Fourth Generation war on American soil is a bad thing, they should be able to cooperate on passing such amendments. However much we disagree on political, cultural, and moral questions, we do share a common interest in avoiding war in our common home.

20 thoughts on “The View From Olympus: How to Prevent 4GW in America”

  1. All it would take is a couple of bubbas with tannarite to take out the power from DieVerse Cites and the Free Stuff Army would loot and burn the cities for us. If it happened before the beginning of the month when Uncle Sam hands out taxpayer money it would be even harsher.

  2. Excellent commentary. While i view this as an eminently sensible solution to sidestep civil war, sensibility no longer rules the day. Weaponized migration and ersatz chaos do.

  3. We could start by allowing California to secede.
    The liberals really want to do that now – but more than anything they want to beat Republicans. Publicly oppose them but let them win a series of small battles culminating in a constitutional amendment allowing secession.
    The US was never designed to be so monolithic. After a few years and a handful of states seceding, the political fault lines may have released enough pent up energy that an article V convention of the states will be possible. Right now the federal government would oppose that strenuously.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding? Federalism? You may as well hope for the Easter Bunny to save us! What crap! Bill Lind admits that the left only accepts elections when they win and yet he believes they can accept even one county in America that rejects their idiotic religion? Hah! No, damnit, this is for all the marbles. Absent secession, the cultural-marxist left will never accept anything less than total domination. Either they destroy us or we destroy them.

  5. I’ve been accused of being a liberal, but I read this and I have to agree with the author that we are at the point where we need different States for different folk’s value systems. We have that model already, for example prostitution is legal in Nevada and that has not been a threat to the Union thus far, so I think it’s workable at some level. We have to have some basic agreements though, for example regarding stuff like slavery. But if one state wants to outlaw abortion, and another wants legal meth, I have no problem with that. How that will work at the national level is an interesting issue though. So let’s build a big fkin fence between Colorado and Kansas… I’m just kidding, there are a lot of very fine people in Kansas, and I think marijuana shipments should have safe passage on I-70.

  6. So you wanna shoot people and blow stuff up? Why not head over to Syria? Be advised though, it’s not as much fun when they shoot back.

  7. Yeah Bullshit. This 50-50 split thing is another lie. Look at the electoral map from 2016. Its a solid red country with cancerous blue growths sucking them dry. The cities are dead zones for the most part, and the left base is almost all losers and freeloaders. Their pathetic attempt to paint the Right as tax burdens and uneducated hicks shows how dumb and out-of-touch these pathetic and powerless losers really are. Without government and media support the blue will die off quicker than farm raised chickens without a farmer to feed them.

  8. Voter turnout for the 2016 election was roughly 55%. Of that Trump won 45% of the popular vote. In reality Trump was elected with less than 25% of the country having voted for him. This also means roughly 75% of eligible voters didn’t vote for him and that 75% of the country didn’t vote for Clinton either.

  9. Yeah I live in a State where the Governor won by counting votes in a trash bag found in the trunk of a car after they extended voting in a Blue City. I trust these counts about as much as I do the lying media.

  10. The cultural Marxists will not and cannot accept that any men should live free, anywhere.

  11. On the other hand, we on the right could just starve them into submission by ending all welfare, food stamps, subsidies, and other nonsensical “entitlements” and see how much energy they had left after getting jobs. The few holdouts and stragglers could be rounded up and “re-educated.” From the radical states down to the radical cities, and further down to the radical individuals…. no more taxpayer dollar subsidies. Oh,and if some of them turn to crime and violence to get “what they’re owed”…. the rest of us can show them exactly what they’re owed. Law .308… or perhaps you prefer Law 5.56.

  12. I’m not from the US, being a european & living in Canada. I have started to feel that something bad is cooking for a few years, and it became obvious during the last US presidential election. I’ve never seen so much hatred between citizen of the same country. It makes a lot of sense to talk about a pre-civil war atmosphere, and I think this article adresses well that phenomenon. I didn’t know that many other people in the USA felt that also and were discussing that issue. I now feel less alone, but more anxious.
    I agree with the article that upgraded federalism seems the most rational solution, to avoid violence. But I fear that even that type of solution would bring a worldwide huge economical crisis, for US dollar could cease to be the world currency.

  13. Functional Federalism, as opposed to legal/conceptual Federalism, is dead, a non starter since 1865, reaffirmed in 1954 and 1964. Liberalism and Progressivism is a cultural conquest ideology that won’t broker a conditional peace, only accept unconditional surrender.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the coming conflict is undesirable, but it is nearly inevitable at this point. Human effort is insufficient, I fear only Divine Providence can overcome this catastrophe.

  14. Nope, Lind it’s War. The War is still on! You may win some battles but you will lose the War. We true believers know this “Victoria” Plan is all a plot to turn Bible Believers into monsters that have to be killed by International Troops working for forces who most surely have the Shadow Government and Continuity of Government type programs set up.

    The very same Devils you work for, Lind!

    The Minorities of Muslims will be destroyed followed by the Minorities of Bible Believers. This “Victoria” Plan is a perfect excuse for Real Luciferians to Reign over the Earth.

    – A Black Thug

  15. Nope…. crush them. Crush them now and forever. Plow their fields with salt, decimate their populations, rescind their citizenship, and forever curse their names. Make America red — politically and in blood — from one coast to the other. Give no quarter, show no mercy. This war ends in my generation.

  16. Easier and quicker would be just to cut off the cities–most of them “blue”–from bringing in food from rural areas. It wouldn’t take very long. Cut off their water, and it’s even quicker. Rather like what happened in Lebanon several times.

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