The View From Olympus: Greece Saves Europe (Again)

Lt. Col. “Willy” Theodoracopulos of the Hellenic Air Force knew the hardest part was over. He had successfully nursed the one flyable Greek F-16 over the Alps. Most of the aircrat’s fancy systems were down from lack of maintenance, but the engine and controls still worked. It sounded as if they would continue to do so until he reached the Netherlands. That was all he needed; his was a one-way mission.

Greece had put up as long as it could with being used as Europe’s chamber pot. Germany’s second-worst Chancellor ever, Hausfrau Merkel, had said to all the wretched of the Earth, “Come to Europe! Come and enjoy! Come one and all, the more the merrier,” and come they did, by the millions. Europe found itself awash in human sewage, people from radically defective societies and cultures who brought all the defects with them.

Orderly northern European societies found their order disappearing. Germans, Danes, and Swedes had to worry about the safety of their persons and property. Women now thought twice about going out after dark. In Malmo, young Islamic immigrants called it “hunting Swedes”. It was easy, because Swedes had little sense of personal insecurity. Up until now, they had not needed it.

Europe’s elites, cultural Marxists all, demanded the gates stay open for millions more. To them, Islamic immigrants were just one more weapon in the fight to destroy Western civilization. The fact that the jihadis would cut the secularists’ throats even before they cut the throats of Europe’s remaining Christians did not bother them. Their hate for the West, inherited from Lukacs, Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School, was so vast it submerged everything else, even their own survival instinct.

But northern Europeans who were not members of the elite saw it otherwise. Strangely, they wanted to survive. They resisted the elite’s calls to commit social and cultural suicide. They demanded the doors be closed, and with new political parties that promised to close them rising fast, the politicians had to put on the brakes. They did not like doing it, but they liked even less the prospect of being out of office.

The Hapsburg Empire, long the guardian of Europe’s Balkan flank against the savage hordes of the Prophet, led the way. Technically Austria was now just a grubby little republic, but most Austrians knew that in the divine economy, an Austrian republic was an impossibility. Austria was the House of Hapsburg and the House of Hapsburg was Austria. Recalling who it really was, Vienna organized the Balkan states to close the door at the Greek-Macedonian border. Rumor has it there may soon be a referendum in Austria to resotre the monarchy, and that all the Danubian states are quitely talking about the need for some sort of federation.

That left the immigrants piling up in Greece. Greece quickly realized it was being used as Europe’s toilet, without a flushing mechanism. The rest of Europe shook its head and said, “Ja, sorry about that. We’ll schedule some meetings to talk about it.”

So Greece did what it had to do. First, it set up machine guns on the beaches of the Greek islands off the Turkish coast, and when boats full of immigrants came in range, they hosed them. It only required shooting a few hundred people before the boats stopped coming. At least as many had been dying every month anyway in vessels that didn’t make it.

Second, Greece teamed up with Italy to round up the migrants on both countries’ soil. They were put on ships, and the Greek and Italian navies escorted those ships to the coast of Libya where the immigrants were dropped off. Libya, having no state, could do nothing about it. It seemed it wasn’t just Islam that could take advantage of stateless disorder.

All the world’s cultural Marxists screamed in unison, “Mass murder! Inhumanity! Fascism! Violation of international law!” Greece’s leaders were indicted before the International Court of Justice at the Hague for “crimes against humanity”. Who did these Greeks think they were, not willing their country should be crapped on?

The Court promptly opened proceedings against the Greek leadership, in absentia. There was no question about the verdict.

But Greeks remembered the last time the Persians had come. They got ready to fight. In the halls of the Greek Defense Ministry a plan was born. The Greek government, all facing spending the rest of their lives in a Dutch prison, gave the plan their blessing.

And Lt. Col. Theodoracopulos’s F-16 had crossed the Dutch border. The International Court’s Chief Justice was once again solemnly condemning the “inhumane, vile, unallowable” actions of Greece in defending itself from invasion when Willy’s F-16, carrying a full load of ordnance, did a kamikaze dive into the Court.

All over Europe, the public cheered. The politicans ran for cover, literally as well as figuratively. Prominent cultural Marxists were hanged from lampposts. Greece had again saved Europe. If doing so required a Greek Air Force pilot’s life, well, all Greeks knew the man who brought the news of Marathon also died. Sometimes, that’s what it takes. favicon

19 thoughts on “The View From Olympus: Greece Saves Europe (Again)”

  1. An amusing guilty-pleasure of a piece (but really: europeans as suicide bombers? Is that something to aim for?)

    But I would disagree with one point. You say that the cultural Marxists hate the west so much that they don’t care if they themselves die in its collapse. Surely there are many proxies and useful idiots that fit this description, but the main players seem far more focused. I mean, you don’t see Angela Merkel sacrificing her lifestyle to make room for third-world refugees. She doesn’t have to walk unescorted through dangerous neighborhoods, her medical plan and pension are not going to be gutted to pay for all this, and if Europe collapses, you can bet she will use her diplomatic passport to move to someplace nice and safe with the regular army guarding the border.

    Remember ancient Rome. The elites imported massive numbers of barbarians, and it wasn’t because they hated Rome, it was because the profits of cheap labor are so seductive. So when finally wages for ‘free’ workers fell to levels below even slavery, Rome started to fall apart. Many of the elites grabbed all the gold, moved to the walled city of Constantinople (because open borders are only for little people), purged their security forces of all non-ethnic Romans (because diversity is only for little people) and lived in luxury on their stolen wealth for 1000 years.

    I disagree that the real elites hate the west so much that they will sacrifice themselves to see it fall. I propose that the elites love themselves so much that they will sacrifice the west to boost their short-term profits. And if things fall apart they will take the only life boats and sail away.

    Many things motivate people, but we should not too quickly rule out ‘follow the money’.

  2. Honestly, I don’t expect the current Greek government to take such harsh measures against the barbarian hordes. Syriza is a far-left party. They’re against “xenophobia”. But Golden Dawn would do the trick.

  3. May the Greeks once again bear the mantle of saviors of Europe. May we all live to see it.

  4. The nice thing about the modern era is that if you can see it, you can kill it, and the internet has a long memory.

  5. I think that the coming festivities in Europe will be just as incredible as this story. Incredible, until it unfolds.

  6. Fact is stranger than fiction. My guess is, Europe’s future will make the unpleasantries in the former Yugoslavia, look like the good old days.

  7. Greeks have the most despicable regime in Europe, lunatic Marxists who are willing to turn the country into a landfill in order to accommodate Merkel and their US masters, since the refugees are US created and as always others have to pay for US wars and destabilization, and Merkel can’t take more without risking her political future, so orders were given for the border to close with the Greek regime showing servility to Turkey, Brussels, D.C, and Merkel. Greece currently has all three conditions by which modern nations are destroyed by the globalist liberal order. IMF occupation/debt slavery with a ruined economy, a migrant invasion growing by the thousands every day with no chance of leaving in the foreseeable future and a NATO presence effectively seizing sovereignty over the Aegean.

  8. Well, we can dream can’t we! I have long favored the ‘Guy Fawkes Option’ as the best way to deal with the hostile elites ensconced in the Euro Parl. Key in the co-ordinates for Strasbourg!
    However, before we get carried away in praising Habsburg Austria, let’s recall that the late Otto Habsburg for many years fronted for Coudenhove-Kalergi’s anti-White Pan Europa outfit. Europe is now experiencing the ‘Kalergi Plan’ in high gear.

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