The View From Olympus: Europe Revolts!

The mudslide of Third World immigrants pouring over Europe would seem to mark that continent’s end. They will come by the millions and tens of millions, so long as Europe’s door remains open. Few will ever acculturate. Instead of becoming Europeans, they will turn Europe into a duplicate of the hellholes they are trying to escape.

Europe’s culturally Marxist elites are incapable of stemming the tide. Their ideology forbids them to do so. German chancellor Merkel, who appears to be as fervent a cultural Marxist as Walther Ulbricht was an economic Marxist, was quoted in the September 1 New York Times as saying, “If Europe fails on the question of refugees, if this close link with universal human rights is broken, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for.” If Frau Merkel’s “universal human rights”, which do not exist–rights belong only to a state’s own citizens–triumph, there won’t be a Europe at all.

Given the lock cultural Marxism has on all of Europe’s leadership, except perhaps Hungary’s, it would seem to be game over. Cultural Marxism will attain the goals it set in 1919, the destruction of Western culture and the Christian religion, at least in the West’s heartland.

But I don’t think that is what will happen. Instead, I think we are on the verge of a revolt against cultural Marxism and the elites by ordinary Europeans.

That revolt has been underway for some time in Britain, France, and Scandinavia. It has manifested itself in the growing electoral strength of real conservative parties, such as the UK Independence Party, Marine le Pen’s National Front, and the Sweden Democrats.

But what of Germany? German law makes it difficult for any German nationalist party to rise. The Bundesrepublik is effectively an anti-German Germany, and most expressions of volkish loyalty are forbidden. All Germans are supposed to do is apologize endlessly for the whole of German history, not just the thirteen years of the Third Reich. Arminius, it seems, was also a Nazi, as his rejection of Varus and his fellow Roman immigrants shows.

Lenin said that no revolution could begin at a railway station in Germany because the Germans would have to line up to buy tickets. It is true German culture is a culture of order. But it is precisely because of that i think this revolution, the revolution against millions of immigrants and the ideology that demands their entry, will really take off in Germany.

Immigrants from places like the Middle East and Africa bring disorder with them. They come from places where the German virtues–honesty, forthrightness, cooperation for the common good, civic-mindedness, even basic cleanliness–are unknown or regarded as something for simpletons. In those cultures, the only rule is, “Grab whatever you can for yourself.” Lying, cheating, stealing, all are perfectly fine, because you owe nothing to anyone who is not a family member. The world outside the family is Hobbesian. Push, punch, scream, and grab: that is the behavior these people have learned from birth. They will not forget it because they now live in an ordered, honest society.

A few years ago, in Stockholm, I needed some pipe cleaners. I stopped in a shop and bought a pack for 30 crowns. I thought that was expensive even for Sweden, so I checked the price in a different shop: 13 crowns. Then the light bulb went on. I realized the man who charged me 30 crowns wasn’t Swedish. He did not look Swedish, nor did he speak English with a Swedish accent. He was Middle Eastern. He had done what everyone does in his culture: cheat anyone he could. In Sweden it’s easy because people do not expect to be cheated.

This is now coming to Germany like a tsunami. The anti-German German government has told people to expect 800,000 refugees just this year. Again, so long as the door remains open, they will come in the millions and tens of millions, a tide of refuse covering Germany and the rest of Europe.

I don’t think the German people will stand for it. I predict a revolt. Already, Merkel is being booed and people are carrying signs saying “Volksverrater,” “traitor to the people.” How the German people will revolt, I cannot say; at the ballot box, perhaps, if given a Völkisch party to vote for. If that route is closed to them, they may take to the streets, tickets or no. They are not going to put up with Germany being turned into a place of dirt and disorder.

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