The View From Olympus: Donald Trump and Fourth Generation War

Donald Trump’s recent proposals to register Islamics living in the United States and to bar more Islamics from entering this country until we can determine how to separate the dangerous ones from those who are not dangerous show that he is the only candidate who understands what a Fourth Generation world will be like. The hysterical denunciations from all other candidates except Senator Cruz demonstrate they don’t get it. While that alone may not be enough to indicate Trump would be a good president, it strongly suggests none of his opponents are fit to hold the office. Whether they like it or not, or understand it or not, Fourth Generation war is what they and this country are facing.

In 4GW, primary loyalties shift away from the state–someone’s native state or one to whch they have immigrated–to a wide variety of other things, including religions, races and ethnic groups, and cultures. Immigrants who do not acculturate are especially likely to become Fourth Generation threats, because they probably will not give their loyalty to a state whose culture is not their own (and to which they may be hostile).

Measures such as those Trump proposed vis-a-vis Islamics will be routine in a world of Fourth Generation war. Any state that wants to survive will have to take them, and stronger actions as well. If a population becomes a base for 4GW on a state’s soil, that state may have to expel them. There may be no other way for the state to perform its primary duty, maintaining order. Any state that cannot maintain order–safety of persons and property–will disappear.

Cultural Marxism forbids us to acknowlege any of these realities, which is why culturally Marxist politicians (Democrats actually believe the stuff; Republicans are too cowardly to challenge it) and institutions such as the New York Times editorial page have frothed at the mouth over Mr. Trump’s entirely reasonable proposals. Cultural Marxism says all cultures are wonderful, peaceful, “vibrant” sources of enlightenment, except our own culture, Western culture, which is evil and oppressive. Defend ourselves against another culture? The very notion horrifies the cultural Marxists; we are instead to embrace it even as it cuts our throats. Cultural Marxism’s goal, after all, from Gramsci and Lukacs onward, has been the destruction of Western culture and the religion from which it grew, Christianity.

Mr. Trump’s proposals do not indicate he has studied 4GW. I would guess he has probably never heard the term. His reactions are instinctive. But they are sound. They reflect reality. If elected, he can leave the theory to the leaders of his Defense Department (we can hope he chooses leaders who do know the theory). He would need only to keep the same instincts under the barrage of conemnation they will bring from the establishment. So far, he seems pretty good at that.

The degree to which the establishment has abandoned all grasp of reality was shown last week in Time magazine’s choice of Angela Merkel as Person of the Year. Merkel will go down in history as Germany’s poisoner, the person who flooded what was a safe, orderly country with carriers of the 4GW bacillus. That, of course, is exactly what cultural Marxism demands, so she is a hero to Time and the rest of the establishment.

Meanwhile, the more Trump insists on confronting cultural Marxism, a.k.a. political correctness, and urges us to face reality, the more his poll numbers go up. The  public, it seems, both here and in Europe, want leaders whose feet are planted in the real world. No wonder the shrieks and cries of the cultural Marxists sound ever more shrill. Ideology has no deadlier enemy than reality. favicon

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  1. Great stuff – I only learned your name earlier on Wikipedia, but happy to see it here. Yes – Trump is very instinctive. Already becoming a fan of the 4GW idea from what little I know.

    I’m starting to see the value of internal “pro-state” 4GW forces which can oppose the emergence of dangerous anti-state 4GW forces. They offer a balancing asymmetry, as well as advantages like autonomy and resistance to infiltration and sabotage. Perhaps traditionally called counter-insurgencies, they seem to be a naturally emergent phenomenon.

  2. Donald Trump’s recent proposals to register Islamics living in the United States

    1. Why do you propagandists keep repeating this? He wanted to register ISLAMIC REFUGEES, not all Islamics.

    2. And is “Muslim” becoming the new “Negro?” (i.e. a word that has become verboten?)

  3. “Cultural Marxism says all cultures are wonderful, peaceful, “vibrant” sources of enlightenment, except our own culture, Western culture, which is evil and oppressive.”

    From a historical/anthropological perspective, THIS is the whole issue. Hear me out….

    Most of human immediate-pre and post-agricultural societies did not know of each others existence due to any number of factors. Your ethnicity, race, tribe were your culture. They were the state for you, maybe even the whole world. States and nations, though somewhat related to these loyalties were able to reform the concept of culture, along with several other (as Niall Ferguson calls them) “killer apps” into something abstract and beyond the obvious, like the written word, that is transmittable to someone in the “out” group. This has been going on for a long time among what we would consider to be the pre-eminent nations of the world such as the Chinese, European & Western, Indian etc. But only one of these won the battle for global domination.

    The last 500 years (ending with the fall of Constantinople and beginning with the defeat of the Moors at Grenada) have literally been, more or less, one gigantic triumph of the European-Western Civ model over absolutely everyone else. Period. And it wasn’t for lack of trying by the other players in the game. Hell…if anything was a real threat it was demonstrated clearly as other participants in the Western Cultural model!!! (As seen in the 2 European 30 years wars…17th and 20th centuries).

    It’s sour grapes, pure and simple. When I tell some of the SJW’s in my family during the holidays about the absolutely horrific atrocities committed by these other “wonderful, peaceful, vibrant” cultures defeated in the run-up to the global steel-cage death match, they don’t have a response, or say that would’ve never happened. Had it been for lack of trying on the part of Western Civilization, the other players would have done the same, Probably worse to everyone else on the planet.

    The concepts delivered by the West are so powerful in fact that for some the only way to turn back time for these people (which is really what they want…Muslims too. Sore losers love company) is to undertake some of the concepts we’re seeing in 4GW, namely re-acknowledge and emphasize what makes you different, separate, unique from those concepts. Become a special snowflake, in spite of it being illogical, insane and potentially lethal. Breakdown the state, re-tribalize as a form of protest, and do so in the face of everything good that has happened.

    I can’t think of specific ways to do this, but we must find a way to reassert the following concepts:

    – 7.5 billion people on the planet are here for no other reason than the victory of Western Civ, despite some of the damage we’ve done…
    – Those people live in greater prosperity (even the poorest) for no other reason than Western Civ
    – They live with greater equality and personal agency than other group of people because of Western Civ
    – They know things and of other peoples and methods with greater freedom of movement and freedom of learning than any other humans in history
    – The “killer apps” of Western Civ have offered what absolutely no other players would’ve ever offered, an exploratory mindset that closed the frontier of planet earth and offers the potential promise of getting us off this rock
    – The first real potential since Alexander’s time of humanity (known) being joined as a species with a universally applicable culture and Coine understandle across the pail of humanity

    We must also find ways of making sure this foolish self-hatred and self-pity is understood to:

    – Reverse the above
    – Will result in new overlords, unpredictable who they are, and potentially worse, but definitely no better (god forbid it be the Chinese…just saying)

  4. Wandered over from Instapundit . good article, thanks. I had never heard of 4th generation warfare, but – THAT’S IT!! THAT’S what’s happening.

  5. 1. Welcome to the Alt-Right. We want all Moslems to be registered and/or deported.

    2. It’s nice to use a broader vocabulary.

  6. I am slowly warming up to Trump. The hysterics of David Cameron and Boris Johnson alone are well worth considering a Trump presidency.

  7. Very, very good thinking here. Thanks, saved in Evernote under “Social Justice and 4GWar.”

  8. Coming as I do from South Africa and after 35 years of military service in British and South African armies plus worked with many others, I fully understand his position and the article. I can only agree with what he proposes. No one has a right to immigrate to any country nor the right to pick and chose which one. The regs in this regard are simple – the nearest country to your origins, is where you seek asylum, not eg Japan coming from Nigeria, because you rather like the sound of the name!

  9. Did it hurt your little feelings? Go back to planning your next gay pride rally with your boyfriend.

  10. Ackbar, my comment can go two ways. I suggest that Tnerb is not going far enough. Alt-right is not a forceful enough term for what is developing here, or what will be necessary in the future. Crusaders were not “Alt-church”, they were the Church Militant.

    No enemies to your right, remember?

  11. I agree, but that’s what the broad movement is already called. If we say “alt-right” to normies, they can google the term and get access to lots of information.

  12. Stopping immigration is paramount. If it isn’t then nothing else matters. I really don’t care about anything else right now.

  13. “Cultural Marxism” though? Blaming an idea that simply rose up and coalesced from the vapors?? Who is behind it??

  14. Well said! Kudos! And I like the photoshopped version of field marshal Trump.

    Minor quibble: you speak of ‘cultural Marxists’. I don’t deny that such exist, but I suggest that they are mere pawns. The major force behind all this open-borders stuff is the desire of the elites for cheap labor. They don’t really hate their own culture – they just love their own money, and the only way to open the borders to all that lovely cheap foreign labor is to tear down the natural instinct of a society to protect itself.

    Remember also that the cheapest labor comes not from successful nations like Japan or Switzerland, but from miserable corrupt overpopulated cesspits like Pakistan and Mexico. So if you want cheap labor, you are pretty much going to have to import an alien culture – because if the culture was like your own, they probably wouldn’t be poor enough to want to bother to move.

    The Ivory Coast used to be one of the most prosperous nations in Africa. That meant that wages were high, because that’s what prosperity is. The elites open the borders to muslim refugees, and by the time this policy had doubled the population the resulting poverty tore the nation apart in a nasty civil war. I don’t think that wealthy Ivorians were ‘cultural marxists’. They simply put short-term greed over the longer-term stability of the society.

    In a complicated world, it’s hard to go wrong by following the money.

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