The View From Olympus: Britons Strike Home?

“Britons Strike Home” is an 18th century naval song, a product of an age when Britain knew how to avenge insults to her soil and her people. She has now suffered three such insults in the last three months, and it is clear Britain’s ruling class hasn’t the ghost of an idea of what to do about it.

Of course, they have their rituals. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth, candles and flowers and balloons, benefit concerts and twaddle from politicians about “getting tough”. Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a perfect example of the usual crap. According to the June 5 New York Times, he said in response to the London attacks,

We are all shocked and horrified by the brutal attacks in London. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have died and the many who have been injured. Today, we will all grieve for their loss.

Weakness drips from every line.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who is to Maggie Thatcher as Napoleon III was to Napoleon I, was no better. Saying “things need to change” and “Enough is enough,” she offered no action, just words. It seems that instead of “Britons strike home,” all the British elite of today can offer is “Britons strike your flag.”

What could be done? The British government surely knows which mosques preach Islamic puritanism. Shut them down and expel their entire memberships and their families. Similarly, when an Islamic terrorist is caught, expel his entire family, down to and including his most distant cousins.

Such measures and other like them would hold Britain’s Islamic communities responsible for policing their own. If they fail to, then they would pay a price. That price could and should be ratcheted upward for as long as Moslem terrorists who live in Britain carry out attacks there. Could it reach the point of expelling whole communities? If those communities cannot or (more likely) will not police themselves, then that action might be necessary.

Of course, the British elite is capable of none of this because it would violate its doctrine of “human rights”. Members of the elite believe such rights are absolute and cannot be tied to responsibilities. But rights without responsibilities are a recipe for chaos. Just look at America’s black inner cities.

The state arose to bring order, and if a state cannot bring order it loses its legitimacy. I think Britain is on the cusp of just such a development. How will it manifest itself? In a growing number of incidents in which ordinary Brits attack members of the communities from which the terrorists come.

It is easy to forget that the British working class, and the “permanent dole” class below it, like to fight. Along with rural Brits, they have provided the hard-fighting men who made the Royal Navy a winner for centuries. (They fought equally hard in the British Army, but British generalship usually undid them.) They fight to this day, in bars, soccer stadiums, and anywhere else they can. They enjoy it.

They will enjoy it all the more when their targets are non-British centers and sources of disorder in Britain. In narrow legal terms, most such people are British subjects (monarchies do not have citizens; they have subjects). But in the real world they are not British. They are not British in their ethnicity, in their culture, in their behavior, or in their religion. They are easy to recognize, and as more incidents of terrorism come from their communities, they will become targets. Britons will strike home.

This is not a good development, in Britain or anywhere else, because it means yet another state is weakening and moving toward collapse under the pressure of Fourth Generation assaults. It may be hard to envision the state collapsing in Britain, but if it cannot maintain order and public safety, that is where it is headed. I do not know how many more massacres by Islamic terrorists it will take, but at some point attacks on British Moslems will start to happen on a significant scale. The only way to stop it is for the elite to show it can act effectively against Moslem terror. But that is exactly what it cannot do, because its own ideology (of cultural Marxism, a.k.a. “multiculturalism”) prevents it.

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  1. “the British elite is capable of none of this because it would violate its doctrine of “human rights”. Members of the elite believe such rights are absolute”

    I disagree. The UK elite is happy to violate human rights if Christians will die as a result. The UK elites just hate Christians. They want Christianity to die. If Muslims (or Sikhs, or Hindus, or Satanists, or Jews, or Zoroastrians) kill Christians, then the UK elite are happy.

  2. There appears to be a steep hill to climb for those opposed to the Muslim takeover of Britain. Based on the numbers of Cultural Marxists seen at the Anti-Sharia protest around the UK over the weekend, there appeared to be many (mostly ‘white’) people, with the obligatory piercings and ink, freely handing over the scimitars to the Muslims who will gladly use them to butcher the Infidels at a time of their choosing.

  3. “Brits like to fight” – yes, but we are a lot better defensively than offensively.
    The three Jihadis who attacked Borough High Street (where I drink most weeks) were looking for another Bataclan. They were held off by unarmed working class British men who went into battle with warcrys like “Fuck You, I’m Millwall!” . We lost eight, mostly on the bridge, to three jihadis dead – a rare Dunkirk-ish ‘victory’ in these dark days. British and especially English soldiers were always known for their defensive tenacity, combined with a diffident offence (the Celtic fringe provides most of our offensive fighting power). Trying to get “the Saxon to begin to hate” is quite a monumental task, even if the survival of all Saxons depends on it.

  4. Time for Britian to put the follies of empire behind them once and forever. No attacks in Portugal, or Spain… No attacks in Norway… What happened to Libya, and the comfortably oil rich life there… Where did their gold go… Did the Clinton foundation get it… What part did the Brits play in that rape????? Were’nt the Brits sending Libyan ex-pats back to oust Gadaffi….?? If the Brits don’ t like the blow back, maybe they should quit the smash & grab of nearby Muslim countries. Most All of their Muslim subjects are souvaneers of their past colonial sins….. Remember the Battle of Algiers….. Fourth years ago the American SDS in New York City relived that battle and it was their warcry against the Vietnam war in those days.

  5. Britt’s just can’t resist it’s colonial impulse.. Need to watch The Battle of Algiers film.. The trouble you call terrorism seems to eminate from places you have invaded, occupied, decapitated….et all… No terrorism in Spain, Norway or Portugal. You are lucky its just the poor and powerless fighting back… But don’ t worry, if you keep causing death and destruction, some ones will come up with an action or device that takes thousands, not the 10s or less you are dealing with these days…!!!!! They’ll eat grass if they must, but not take IT forever…

    The weakness the Brits have is being involved in the wars that America, Israel and the Saudis are selling.

  6. i notice you didnt mention Sweden for some reason.

    nobody wants to go to Portugal or Spain because the benefits arent there. So far Norway has let in relatively few economic parasites.

  7. the (((British elite))) showed their face in their treatment of Rhodesia and South Africa

  8. “Brits like to fight” – yes…

    this is not how the rest of the world regards you any longer. its self flattery

  9. A Briton did exactly that in Finsbury Park. “Striking home!” has a very jolly ring to it, but in practice, it looks squalid. As a Briton, I’d like to see the Muslims and Jews return to the countries where those religions are welcomed, but it would be best done as clear-sighted and humane policy over a reasonable period of time, with consent if at all possible. Murder by van isn’t the way to do it.

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