The View From Olympus: Brexit Strikes a Blow at Fourth Generation War

In voting for Brexit, Britain’s departure from the European Union, the British (mostly English) people have struck a blow against the non-state forces that lie behind Fourth Generation war. That is true even if Scotland separates from England; the result will be two states, not a rise in non-state loyalties.

Why is this the case? As I have often noted, 4GW is at root a struggle for legitimacy. The EU, with its all-powerful but unaccountable bureaucrats ruling from Brussels, has never had much legitimacy outside the elites. Those elites are also cultural Marxists, which means they are permanently at war with the historic cultures of every European state. You cannot be a member of the EU (or American) elite unless you grovel at the feet of cultural Marxism’s unholy trinity of “racism, sexism, and homophobia”. That is what lies behind the EU’s drive to flood European countries with immigrants from other, often hostile, cultures. This political correctness has undermined what little legitimacy the EU had with European publics.

And so the British people rebelled. I predict they will be followed by other European peoples. The real Right in France is calling for a referendum there on “Frexit”, and the Dutch right wants a vote on “Nexit”. The tide is in flood.

Again, for all those who do not want to see 4GW spread, this is good news. Individually, European states still have legitimacy with their own people, most of them anyway. They certainly have a great deal more than the EU does or ever did. Very few young male Europeans are willing to bear arms, fight, and die for the EU. But there are still plenty left who will do so for their own countries.

That is important, because Europe, including Britain, has already brought in so many immigrants who will not acculturate that widespread 4GW on European soil is inevitable. We are already seeing its beginnings in the terrorism incidents in France and Belgium. These are small beginnings indeed in terms of what is coming. More than one British officer has told me that he and his fellows know the next real war will be on their own soil.

As Europe throws off the suffocating blankets of the EU and cultural Marxism, not only the will to fight but the will to live may return. That means, above everything else, having more children. Real conservative governments in Europe would quickly adopt strongly pro-natalist policies, encouraging large families not only with rhetoric but with large material incentives.

The answer to 4GW non-state loyalties is thus not some impossible broad allegiance to a globalist, culturally Marxist superstate, i.e. Brave New World, but loyalty to the real states into which people are born. As weak as most European states now appear to be, I predict they will show surprising revivals of strength when it is a matter of fighting for their state against 4GW entities on their own soil.

So thank you, England. You’ve started something. Before it finishes, the West may again be alive. favicon