The Silence of the Goats

On Wednesday, November 25, the Cleveland Plain Dealer came perilously close to telling the truth about recent killings of young black males by police officers (as distinguished from killings by other young black males, which happen all the time). The PD began a front-page story with this paragraph:

A makeshift memorial for Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy shot to death by police, appeared Monday in Cudell Commons–50 yards from two permanent markers honoring officers killed by suspects in the neighborhood.

Both in Cleveland and in Ferguson, Missouri, police officers shot young black males because they thought, with good reason, that their lives were in danger.

Unlike reporters and politicians, police have to live in the real world. In the real world, the black rate of violent crime is twelve times the white rate. Almost all that crime is committed by young black males. If a young black male points a gun at a cop, the cop must assume he is in a kill-or-be-killed situation, because usually he is.

That was the case in Ferguson, where a 6’4″, almost 300-pound young black males assaulted a police officer, trying to grab his gun. Had he succeeded in doing so, the dead white cop would already be forgotten.

In Cleveland, a 12-year-old black male pointed a realistic looking BB gun at a white cop. Twelve-year-old black males using guns is not uncommon. Standing within 50 yards of memorials to dead cops, whose killers were almost certainly young black males, the white cop did what he had to do. The fault lies entirely with the young black male and those within the black community who tolerate 12-year-old males having real guns.

These facts are not difficult to discover. But you will not find them in any news reports on Ferguson or Cleveland. The Plain Dealer did not have the courage to state them. To the best of my knowledge, not a single newspaper or news broadcast has done so. The most important fact of all, that all whites, cops, and civilians, have to deal with a black crime rate twelve times the white rate, is America’s number one state secret.

The reason, of course, is that cultural Marxism defines all blacks as victims. Even when they are at fault. Officially, they can never be at fault. If a young black male assaults a white cop, trying to grab his gun to use it to kill that cop, and the cop instead kills his asasailant, the cop is guilty and the young black male is innocent. That is cultural Marxism’s verdict, and not a single Establishment goat has the guts to challenge it.

Actually, one did. Shortly before he left office, New York City’s mayor Bloomberg, when asked why New York cops stopped and searched young male blacks and Hispanics more often than whites, replied, “Because they commit most of the crimes.” The New York Times reported his reply in the briefest, most tight-lipped manner possible, hoping no one would notice. Mayor Bloomberg had told a Forbidden Truth.

It is ironic that the demonstrators protesting the shootings in Ferguson and Cleveland carry signs reading, “No Justice, No Peace.” Justice requires truth. The truth in both cities is that the dead young black males forced the cops to kill them.

The justice that is missing is justice for the cops–although the grand jury in Missouri, to its great credit, had the courage to render a just verdict–and for all the rest of us who are not young black males. That includes older blacks, who, like the rest of us, try to avoid young black males because of their violence. Most victims of black crime are also black. Justice for us means ending the threat we all face from young black males. That may require hanging in a public park on Saturday all young black males caught carrying guns in the previous week. If that’s what it takes, so be it. The state’s job is to preserve order, to ensure safety of persons and property for everyone, white, black, or green. If it refuses to do that job, it is no longer legitimate. Go read Hobbes.

Meanwhile, while we wait for the state led by goats to do its duty, the rest of us are getting fed up with the whole black act. favicon