The One-Party State Reveals Itself

One of the many good things flowing from Donald Trump’s campaign is that it has forced the one-party state to reveal itself, naked and unashamed. We have been a one-party state at least since the end of the Reagan presidency and perhaps since the defeat of Senator Robert A. Taft for the Republican nomination in 1952. More clever than the Soviet Union’s one party, America’s single party, the Establishment party, has presented itself to the peasants as two parties. But the fight between them is all sham. On essential policy, they are one party.

Those policy positions are:

  • America must rule the world, forcing the Establishment’s agenda, including feminism and “gay rights”, down the throats of every people on Earth. This translates into a policy of permanent war for permanent peace. The American middle class is left to pay the bill, in trillions of dollars poured into foreign sands and in the deaths of their children.
  • Whatever Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets. Hillary is no less a whore for the one percent than any of Trump’s Republican critics. Look where her money has come from. Besides minimal taxes, what Wall Street wants most is free trade, which has wiped out the good jobs, jobs that gave ordinary Americans a middle-class living standard.
  • Cultural Marxism, a.k.a. political correctness, is the unofficial but very real state ideology. Anyone who dissents from it must be banished from public life. Should the cultural Marxists get one more vote on the Supreme Court, Americans could face “hate speech” laws which will send any dissidents to the gulag. That has already happened in Canada and much of Europe. Cultural Marxism’s long-term goals, established in 1919 by Gramsci in Italy and Lukacs in Hungary, are the destruction of Western culture and the Christian religion. Along the way it seeks to put blacks over whites, women over men, and gays over straights.
  • America’s borders must remain open to whoever wants to come here, in whatever numbers. Mass immigration from other, hostile cultures serves both Wall Street, which gets cheap labor, and cultural Marxism, which wants to out-vote native-born Americans and ensure its electoral dominance.

Trump has defied all these points of Establishment dogma. Terrified, Republican members of the One Party have rallied against him. Many have made it clear they will not vote for him, some indicating they will vote for Hillary instead. They have no choice but to oppose Trump (or, recently, try to convert him to their Establishment agenda; I suspect he smells the trap, because if he joins the One Party his support will evaporate). If they did not do so, they would lose their own Establishment membership. No prospect terrifies them more. But in so doing, they have shined the spotlight on the one-party state, Lady Godiva riding an elephant.

The Republican wing of the Establishment party hopes Trump will go down to a catastrophic defeat, even if that gives the other, Democratic wing the presidency, both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court. After all, its all the same party, so who really cares? The worst possible outcome from their perspective is that the peasants’ revolt succeeds and Donald Trump is our next president.

But the peasants have seen through the game. They have a chance to vote for genuine change, and they are going to do just that. The May 11 Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that a recent poll showed Trump leading the Wicked Witch of the West in Ohio, within the poll’s margin of error, but nonetheless ahead. It quoted Quinnipiac Poll assistant director Peter A. Brown as saying, “Six months from election day, the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the three most crucial states, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are too close to call.”

Interestingly, the Ohio poll showed Trump leading Clinton among white women 42% to 35%. Blacks, men and women, are overwhelmingly for Hillary, who is the black candidate no less than was Obama. Echoing the cultural Marxists, Establishment party Republicans wail that Trump is “anti-women”. What that really means is anti-feminism. Cultural Marxism says all women are feminists. But in the real world, most women are not. Most women who work do so because they must, not because they want to. Most would rather be able to devote their lives to their family, their home, and their community.

At this point, Americans face a real election, one where they can vote out the One Party. Watch for the Establishment to do everything in its power to take that choice away again. favicon

4 thoughts on “The One-Party State Reveals Itself”

  1. “1984”- the only State run project to come off ahead of schedule. William Casey, former director of the CIA: “We will know we have succeeded when the American public believes every lie we tell them”. It is not likely the Deep State will go away with the election of Donald Trump; there is no “election” to choose it’s leaders (in America).

  2. This is the time of the great unmasking. We see now, who these people are. Its not a pretty sight, but, it is a necessary thing to see and understand.

  3. See now this is the agent provocateur politics I’m looking for; the problem is the establishment of an aristocratic tyranny (regardless of their politics). Which ironically is why I have to question Trump’s spotty record. Sanders for instance had (relative) consistency over 30-40 years. Trump seems to be an “evolving asset” and quite unpredictable; and that may be a pro or it may be a con…. as in con-job.

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