The Left’s Cognitive Dissonance

The November 20, 2019 New York Times ran two stories on its front page.  One was about a Hispanic woman who had won a seat on the Yakima, Washington city council.  The Times reported that Miss Gutierrez became:

Among the first Latino politicians ever elected in the Central Washington community of nearly 94,000 where the number of Latinos has doubled in just one generation, now making up almost half of the total population.

Lower down on the same page, in a story about a “racist manifesto” at Syracuse University, the Times said the manifesto “warned of ‘the great replacement,’ a right-wing conspiracy theory that predicts white genocide at the hands of minority groups.”

Apparently the Times does not read its own front page.  Or if it does, its thinking is so compartmentalized by ideology that it cannot see the contradiction between calling a replacement of whites by other races and ethnic groups a “conspiracy theory” on the same page where it reports exactly that in Yakima, Washington.  This is cognitive dissonance on a grand scale.

A few facts may be in order here.  History reports many cases where one people has replaced another.  The Germanii the Romans fought no longer exist. They were replaced by other peoples migrating from the east.  The Celts who made up the main population in Roman Gaul and Britain were driven back into remote enclaves by arriving Angles, Saxons, and Franks, although there was some intermarriage.   The Bible records how the Jews replaced other people in Palestine, as they are doing again in our own time (ask the Palestinians what they mean by the “right to return”.) In Burma, the Buddhists are driving out the Moslem Rohingya because the latter’s much higher birth rate means they will otherwise eventually drive out the Buddhists.  The Chinese government is flooding Xinjiang province with Han people to overwhelm the Uighurs, as India is probably going to do in Kashmir by moving masses of Hindus. Replacement is an old, old story, not a “conspiracy theory”.

More, when one people replaces another, everything changes.  Even if the newly arrived people do not kill all the people they replaced, it’s no longer their country.  What defines a country is less its borders, rivers, and resources than its culture. When the Franks took over Roman Gaul, Roman culture was replaced by, well, barbarism.  Living in second century Arles was different from living in sixth century Arles. Some Romanitas did survive, just enough so people remembered how much better life used to be under the Roman Empire.  Back then, plumbing still worked.

When American conservatives warn the masses of immigrants from cultures who come here and do not adopt traditional American culture, with its Anglo-Saxon roots, are dangerous invaders, their warnings are well-grounded in history.  And while Western culture is almost uniquely open to people from other races and ethnic groups–no one who is not born Han can become Chinese–culture and ethnicity can be different when dealing with large masses of people, numbering in the millions.  Individuals may acculturate perfectly, but because most people prefer to live among and socialize with people like themselves–segregation is built into human nature–large groups of ethnically distinct immigrants often do end up replacing natives and their culture.  That is what the Times unwittingly reported happening in the Yakima, Washington, a place traditionally known for its apples, not its tacos.

The “great replacement” is an old story that is happening again, especially in Europe, where native Europeans have low birthrates and Islamic immigrants have high birth rates.  What cultural Marxists call a “conspiracy theory” is a fact, one Islamic leaders talk about openly as central to their strategy for destroying the Christian West. In the cultural Marxists’ lexicon, “conspiracy theory” is the term for facts you do not like.

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