The End of the Trump Administration

After just three months, the Trump administration appears to be over. The agenda which got President Trump elected is being tossed over the side, replaced with the usual Republican establishment policies that don’t work. It looks as if we are in for more immigration, more free trade that wipes out middle class jobs, more political correctness, and more avoidable foreign wars where we have no real interests at stake. As for Donald Trump himself, he is rapidly being relegated to the role of the crazy uncle who lives in the attic.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seems to know less about grand strategy than he does about Maya glyphs. He has set us back on an anti-Russian foreign policy course where the U.S. is to promote Jacobin concepts of “human rights” while bombing anyone and everyone around the world. Both actions work to the advantage of our Fourth Generation, non-state enemies. Coupled with a failure to reform our Second Generation armed forces, we are on the same road to over-extension and collapse that every other Power seeking world dominion has followed. Donald Trump ran against all of this, and won. But what the public wants counts for nothing to the Republican establishment.

The drumbeat of bad news for those who voted for Trump because they wanted reform grows louder daily. The New York Times can hardly contain its glee. On April 13 it reported that Steve Bannon, the highest-placed anti-establishment figure in the Trump administration, may be on his way out. Coming in, according to the Times, is Kevin Hassett, who will serve as head of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisors and who is rabidly pro-immigration. He has denounced the Republican Party for becoming the “Party of White.” Wall Street, which wants cheap labor, will be delighted.

Just the next day, April 14, the Times reported that President Trump reversed himself on NATO. While hosting NATO’s Secretary General, President Trump said, “I said it was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.” NATO has not changed one iota since the election, and it has been obsolete and counter-productive since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

What does this massive bait-and-switch operation mean for the country’s future? In the short term, it means the Republican Party will take a huge political bath as those who have been betrayed cease voting Republican (and probably just cease voting). Both 2018 and 2020 are looking good for the Democrats, unless they nominate a black lesbian Moslem in the latter, which is always possible.

But the effects of the sell-out will only start there. The message to anti-establishment voters is that there is no hope of change through the existing political system. Anti-establishment Democrats got the same message when the party machine blocked Senator Bernie Sanders and gave the nomination to Hillary. The Sanders voters were prevented from winning. Trump’s voters won, and are now watching helplessly as their victory is stolen from them by the Republican establishment. In both cases, the message is the same: the current system has lost its legitimacy.

That system’s political strength, its closed nature, is also a fatal substantive weakness. As John Boyd, America’s greatest military theorist, often  warned, all closed systems collapse. A mindless continuation of establishment policies guarantees a cascading series of foreign policy, military, economic (i.e., a debt crisis), and political crises, which will all wrap up into one general collapse. In a Fourth Generation world, the big question is whether that multi-sided collapse will take the state itself with it.

The anti-establishment voters who elected Donald Trump, along with at least some of Sanders’ supporters, now face the strategic question of where do we go from here? How do we begin to prepare strategically for the collapse of the current closed system? Our goal–and again I include some Sanders voters–should be to preserve the state while reforming it. This election has shown that reform through the ballot box is impossible. It can only happen on a bottom-up basis, where grass roots reform movements become so powerful that they replace the current establishment, both its Democratic and its Republican wings. I think there is a way to do that, and I will discuss it in a future column.

11 thoughts on “The End of the Trump Administration”

  1. Thanks for this.

    I’ve admired your work for a long time, since the Modern war days.

    As the kids today are wont to say, the Trump Administration has been a huge “black pill” for Traditionalists.

    Unfortunately, your Novel Victoria, seems like it will be as prophetic as Le Camp des Saints.

    On a related subject, it is sad to see H.R. McMaster, who seemed to grasp some of the tenets of 3GW, and gave indications that he is dimly aware of 4GW, in thick of this mess if not an instigator.

    D.C. has a powerful ability to ruin almost everyone who works there more than 100 days.

  2. We have all been brought up on the great man theory of history–we expect some great man like Moses, Washington, Napoleon or Churchill to appear and deliver us from all threats. Don’t expect any real solutions to come out of Washington. Only by cutting ties with Washington and re-creating local autonomous communities can we preserve Christian civilization. That said, there is one thing Washington could do while Republicans control Congress and the White House: sell as much federal land as possible. The vast lands in the West which the government claims to own could be privatized and turned into millions of family farms where people can live like their ancestors used to live. Remember Bill’s Manifesto in Cultural Conservatism talked about rebuilding family farms.

  3. Saving america at this point is a herculean task. I’m moving to Cascadia and going to help establish the coming ethnostate within the dying husk of Amerikwa. We simply don’t have the numbers to win in any democracy on a national scale. The awake pro-white people continually hover around maybe 20% ceiling (being generous here assuming many people are undercover). Rest are civic nationalist or basic conservatives who won’t vote for us because racism or whatever stupid shit they believe. Whites, if united, could retake the country back but we aren’t/. Democracy is bad because it is so moderate, its like designing your ship of state with limited turning ability. Now that the ship is headed for the shore after endless foolish mistakes by our degenerate ancestors it can’t turn itself fast enough and avoid the collision.

  4. > Rest are civic nationalist or basic conservatives who won’t vote for us because racism or whatever stupid shit they believe.

    I don’t know what wears me out more, arguing with leftoids who think Trump is the devil, or civic nationalist / conservatives who think he’s the second coming.

  5. What this shows is that the judeo-bolsheviks that control America’s government, finance and media are NOT going to allow even the slightest deviation from their goal of the total destruction of white, Christian, Western Civilization.

    Immediately, the evil scum created the brilliant “Russia hacked the election – Trump is Russia’s puppet” hoax, preventing any rapprochement with Russia and tainting anything he did. The Obonzo-appointed traitors in the “intelligence community” produced fake, hoax charges of wrongdoing and baseless allegations, rumors and hearsay about Trump hiring Russian hookers to piss on the bed where Obonzo supposedly slept.

    What this did was not simply to prevent a thawing of relations with Russia, it also forced Trump to “prove” he wasn’t Putin’s bitch by attacking Assad and increasing the pressure on Russia. They’ve forced Trump to do what THEY wanted. It also sent a message that THEY were in charge and any attempts to do what they didn’t want done would result in even more fake, hoax attacks.

    Their bolshevik judges have prevented any executive action on the muslim invasion of America by poor, little “refugees”. A judge has already ruled that defunding “sanctuary cities” is unconstitutional because “racism” or something.

    The GOP establishment traitors have made their appearance in the form of John McCain who took part in the “Russia-Hack” hoax as well as the brainless imbecile Paul Ryan who is bound and determined to make sure the GOP is a permanent minority party by refusing to get rid of Obonzocare and refusing to enact ANY of Trump’s agenda. So, Ryan and McConnell will produce a budget that continues to fund Planned Parenthood but not the border wall.

    And, of course, they’ve launched a smear attack on Fox News (Bill O’Really and Shaun Hannity), using the “sexual harrassment” gambit which requires no proof and any defense makes you a “misogynist”. Not that Fox was conservative, but it wasn’t a completely judeo-controlled propaganda organ of the communist…er, Democrat Party like the rest of the kosher media.

    AS we’ve known for a long time, there’s no possibility of reform. In the 90’s Bill Lind and Brad Keena had a TV show on the short lived NET called “Next Revolution” in which the guests said if real reform was not possible, there would be revolution. The last hope for reform is over.

  6. Here’s your problem: “Only by cutting ties with Washington and re-creating local autonomous communities can we preserve Christian civilization.” You seem to think that our enemies are going to allow you to do that. The first thing they will do is to rule that your “autonomous community” is racist and doesn’t have any low-cost housing. They’ll rule you have to build lots of HUD housing and move thousands of blacks to your “autonomous community”. Then they’ll decide that your lovely “autonomous community” is the perfect place to drop a bunch of “refugees” from Crapistan. So much for your autonomous community.

  7. “This election has shown that reform through the ballot box is impossible. It can only happen on a bottom-up basis, where grass roots reform movements become so powerful that they replace the current establishment, both its Democratic and its Republican wings. I think there is a way to do that, and I will discuss it in a future column.”

    And the grass roots movement we need is to revive a Jeffersonian movement.

    The Hamiltonian Whig Party (the Federalists, the Whigs, the Republicans) have a 9 point platform, with which the Jeffersonian Party disagree, and disagree in every point. This Hamiltonian Platform hasn’t changed since the Exclusion Bill of 1677:

    1. Absolute centralization in a central superstate, with Scotland and Ireland, Alabama and Idaho as franchises of this central superstate
    2. set up a Bank to control the currency and fund high debts
    3. corporate welfare
    4. loose construction of the Constitution and the law
    5. the executive branch is the the supreme branch
    6. a large professional military and a large blue water navy
    7. imperial expansion
    8. Anglophilia, and opposition to a European continental power
    9. Opposition to the Catholic Church.

    Note how the Socialist party has adopted many of the Whig party’s points, thanks to Woodrow the Worst.

  8. So just when we thought OUR man had arrived, he cums out as the woman we voted against..
    “Fool me once shame on You” And indeed we were surely fooled.. Just another defeat, one of many by our bought and paid for leaders… And this episode too, should dash any glimmer of hope that our fighting men may harbor some loyalty to our country, traditions and our independence if policy and action. Sadly as Mr. Lin has pointed out in the past, they are in it for the golden appropiations. We all seemed to be owned.

  9. no. The “Republican Establishment” has stolen nothing. Pre-June 2015 and for his entire adult life, Donald Trump was a NY Liberal (best bud of Chuck Schumer) and Zionist-Imperialist stooge…multiple times Grand Marshall of the NYC/Miami Beach “I Love Israel Day” parade. And thick as thieves with the Wall Street banksters. Then he put on a populist mask to sucker desperate working and middle class Whites to vote for him. Having won, he removed the mask…only the daily mock-battles with “the media” remain, these in order to distract his voters from the fact that he has betrayed them on almost every issue. Face it, trumpaholics: you got rolled. And you have only yourselves to blame.

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