The Election: Trump Wins

Donald Trump has already won the 2016 election. The only question is how he wins it.

I think he is going to win it on election day, in a landslide over Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. Lady MacBeth. Why? Because millions of ordinary Americans have figured out that by voting for Trump, they can vote against the whole Washington/Wall Street Establishment. A vote for Trump is a vote against political correctness, against exporting more middle-class jobs, against flooding our country with third-world immigrants, against Big Money, against everything that holds middle America in contempt.

We have the Democrats and the mainstream media to thank for this epiphany. All their attacks on Donald Trump have preached a subtext message they failed to see. That message is, “We, the Establishment, really, really hate this man.” To the majority of American voters, who hate the Establishment, this message has translated as “vote for Trump.” And that is what they are going to do.

But if I am wrong and we end up with Hillary, Trump will still have won. This election will show that tens of millions of Americans are almost desperately eager to vote against the Establishment and its ideology of cultural Marxism. Individuals more politically skilled than Mr. Trump, who is after all not a politician, will see this potential. They will tap into it, get nominated as Trump did, and run a campaign with sufficient skill to attract votes beyond those cast by Mr. Trump’s base.

For Republicans, there will be no other way to win a Presidential contest. Trump’s supporters will not forget how Establishment Republicans did their best to sabotage Trump’s campaign. They are, on the whole, not a forgiving lot. They will never again fall for the old Republican bait-and-switch of talking like real conservatives at election time, then doing the Establishment’s bidding once in office. Paul Ryan and his ilk will not be the future of the Republican Party, at least not nationally. Trump has already beaten them, once and for all.

So either way, Trump wins. If he wins as the ballots are counted on November 7, the Establishment will be reduced to political zombies, the walking dead. Their time will be over. That will be true not only in the Republican Party but among Democrats as well. There is no more Establishment a figure than Hillary Clinton, and her defeat will allow the anti-Establishment forces on the Left, represented in this go-around by Bernie Sanders, to take over. That’s fine by me; I regard the Establishment as more of a threat to this country’s future than anti-Establishment forces Left or Right.

November 9, 2016 may be a very interesting day.

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  1. I hope you are correct, but let me offer an alternative.

    “Individuals more politically skilled than Mr. Trump, who is after all not a politician, will see this potential. They will tap into it, get nominated as Trump did, and run a campaign with sufficient skill to attract votes beyond those cast by Mr. Trump’s base.” – or, perhaps not.

    There have been many opponents to the corrupt status quo on both the so-called left and so-called right. Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Howard Dean, Jill Stein, and many others. The establishment has perfected the art of bloodless political assassination. Focus on only on their personality flaws, ignore what they are saying about real issues, find a single weakness and hammer hammer hammer on this until the public has been brainwashed into thinking that they are ridiculous, then ban them from the airwaves.

    Trump has, for now, overcome this through his lack of shame, his personal wealth, and his ability to couch issues that most Americans agree with in outrageous terms so that the corporate press can’t help itself from giving him air time. It’s not clear to me that a more conventionally ‘skilled’ politician could do even a fraction as well as Trump has, and of course, if Trump loses the election, the establishment will double down and turn subtle censorship into something more direct…

  2. Either way, Trump or Clinton, the collapse is accelerated. The U.S.S.A. is finished. Ignore the elites for a moment.

    In both cases a victory by the other side, won fairly or not, de-legitimizes the winner in the eyes of the losing side. Trump is de-legitimized on moral grounds (I use the term loosely as we are speaking about moral vacuums here) by liberals, Clinton is de-legitimized on existential grounds by conservatives (white America), and rightly so.

    Consensus government, or the illusion thereof, is finished in this country. And Trump was the instrument of Divine Providence, who’da thunk?

  3. That is, however, still a win under the long game. The best outcome we could hope for if killary wins is direct naked action without pretense on the Establishment’s part.

  4. Partition becomes more likely. Keeping the plates in the air is less and less likely.

    Nationalized homogeneous states are the ultimate outcome. History has shown that populations are the defining factors of nations, not their governments. The North America continent is just at the beginning of its history; If history progresses as Europe has progressed throughout its history the partition is just beginning.

  5. I pray Lind is able to gain a position in the administration, or at least an advisory role on defense reform. He’s met Trump in person, it’s not that far-fetched. We can get advocate towards people like Flynn who are already in the inner circle.

  6. So wonderful and lucky for me to see that Gen. Lind’s forces of reason and cunning have won the day. I have followed him along his journey. And how extrimely delicious the taste of this victory. I have been along with him since The Politics of War November 26 2003… which appeared in has archived Gen. Linds columns which appeared on their websight.. They are all weighty and to the point… and some like THIS one are prescient and forsightful in the extreme… If you think you dont have the time to read them all, just read the titles and pick the ones you find interesting… However be sure read his last post there, “Parting Thoughts for Now” …and the comments too. It all holds an odd surprise..

    Mr Lind has really scored an unbelievable win by turning a deaf ear to the cocophony of naysayers by sticking his creditability out there to be decapitated with scorn & ridicule from the corrupt machines of ersatz concensus who should now eat their hats and piles of crow but won’t.

    I’ll close for now and walk out across water with the knowlege that miracles do happen and great men can fortell the future.

  7. It’s seeming more & more likely every day, and if so……. maybe just maybe… I did not know that the two had met until I read it in poledady’s post just now… 1:11 AM Monday 11/14/16…..

  8. Large multi-national empires, which is what the USA has become, are inherently unstable and usually don’t last more than a few centuries before centrifugal forces tear them apart. Go read historians like Oswald Spengler, Arnold Toynbee and Glubb Pasha for the reasons why this is the case.

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