The Election: The Rise of White Political Consciousness

The 2016 presidential election campaign is about far more than who gets elected. It represents a widespread grass roots rebellion against the political Establishment, similar to those that elected Andrew Jackson and supported William Jennings Bryan. One of its more portentous components is the rise of White political consciousness.

This phenomenon is not restricted to the Republican Party, where, thanks to his defiance of political correctness, Donald Trump is the Whites’ candidate. In the Democratic Party, Whites are supporting Bernie Sanders, while Clinton is dependent on the black and Hispanic vote. Writing of the Democratic Michigan primary, the March 9 New York Times noted that “Mr. Sanders [was] performing well with white voters and Mrs. Clinton [was] the overwhelming favorite of African-Americans” in the primary Sanders won. The day after the Ohio and Florida primaries, the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote that

In Ohio exit polls, Clinton was far ahead among black voters, but she and Sanders were drawing roughly the same support from white voters.

In Florida,

Clinton drew support from about 7 in 10 Hispanic voters and nearly 8 in 10 black voters. She was backed by a slim majority of white voters…

As has been the case with other racial and ethnic voting blocks, White political consciousness is rising in the face of persecution. The Establishment’s ideology of cultural Marxism, commonly called “political correctness” or “multiculturalism”, says that all Whites are inherently evil “oppressors” and “racists”. This is true regardless of what individuals do. Whites are for cultural Marxism what the bourgeoisie and capitalists are for classical economic Marxism: devils who must be expunged from society.

Not only do Whites find themselves everywhere denounced, government now tilts the tables against them in everything from university admissions to employment and promotion. “Affirmative action” is legalized discrimination against Whites (and Asians) in favor of blacks and Third World immigrants. White cops who shoot blacks are now automatically in trouble, while the fact that the back rate of violent crime is twelve times the White rate is never mentioned (to do so would be “racist”). Racist black hatred of Whites is now more widespread than White hatred of blacks, but cultural Marxism says blacks can not be racist. All opprobrium is reserved for Whites, while blacks have PC’s sacred “victim” status.

In response, Whites are beginning to see themselves as a political block, one with interests that need to be protected by voting for candidates who appeal, overtly or covertly, to Whites. Cultural Marxism labels this the ultimate evil. Whites are supposed only to grovel before blacks and Third World immigrants, apologizing for “discrimination” and offering “reparations”. Any White who acts or votes for White interests is “another Hitler”.

Whites are fed up with it. They are eager to vote for someone who defends and represents them.

In a Trump vs. Clinton race for the presidency, Trump’s status as the White candidate and Hillary’s as the black candidate could be decisive. Substantial numbers of voters from other ethnic groups, including Hispanics, may welcome and use an opportunity to vote against blacks.

Trump need not and ought not be explicit about his status as the White candidate. The culturally Marxist Establishment will do that for him, and already is. Establishment PACs are running ads denouncing him for it. He does need to not reject that status, as he did in Ohio by running a television ad featuring blacks. That will not get him the black vote and it will endanger his support among politically conscious Whites.

The only surprise about the rise of White political consciousness is that is was so long coming. Whites have been discriminated against for decades. The cultural Marxists relied on psychological conditioning to keep Whites forever on their knees. In this election cycle, the conditioning is losing its power and Whites are standing up for themselves as Whites. That is a political development of large importance. favicon

11 thoughts on “The Election: The Rise of White Political Consciousness”

  1. Great article. I’ve been using micro-summaries of Bill Lind’s tale of cultural Marxism to explain to Christians that “racism” is a psychological weapon, not the eighth deadly sin. Once they see this, it becomes ineffective.

  2. To tolerate being a mere “bloc” vote with “political interests” when white Americans used to be a majority seems… Insufficient. Americans want their country back, not simply a seat at the table with the people who have invaded it. It sounds like only the first step of getting to where we wan to be. Otherwise, I thought the article was good.

  3. It needs to be shown that the transition from being a White country to a “propositional nation” was subversion rather than a natural evolution of Constitutional principles. That shouldn’t take too long.

  4. “Respect” being assimilation, and enforcing that assimilation on future generations? I can support that, if so.

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