The Election: The Left’s Secret Weapon

When the Frankfurt School created cultural Marxism, a.k.a. “political correctness”, it did so by crossing Marx with Freud. From psychology it took the tool it relies on to promote its ideology, psychological conditioning. By repeating something over and over, conditioning works it into the public’s minds in a way that bypasses reason. Often even people who intellectually disagree with the Left feel they must parrot its words or feel uncomfortable. They have been conditioned.

The political Establishment, both its Democratic and its Republican wings, is now using psychological conditioning in its efforts to defeat Donald Trump. In part, it does so by playing the cultural Marxists’ usual game of crying “the horror, the horror” whenever Trump says something politically incorrect. Many people have already been conditioned to see themselves as “another Hitler” if they dare defy the rules cultural Marxism has laid down. Now, the conditioning mechanisms tell them that if they vote for Trump, the next morning they will look in the mirror and see the Fuhrer looking back.

For a few weeks after the conventions, Republican media tried to play the psychological conditioning game on Mr. Trump himself, with the goal of getting him to resign the nomination and get out of the race. Though it visibly impacted Trump’s morale, he did not drop out.

Now, the game has shifted again. Conditioning is aimed at convincing voters Trump is doomed to an overwhelming defeat. The means is endless news stories, poll results, columns by electoral “experts”, etc. all repeating the same theme: a vote for Trump is useless because he cannot possibly win. Voters who favor Trump are being conditioned to give up, not donate to his campaign, not volunteer for him, and just stay home on election day.

The Trump campaign would be unwise to underestimate the power of the Left’s (and the Establishment’s) conditioning mechanisms, which include almost all the mainstream media. The best way to counter conditioning is to stoke voters’ anger, anger that has been created by the Establishment’s failed policies. Anger is a powerful emotion, powerful enough to overcome psychological conditioning.

In concrete terms, that means Trump needs an agenda of five issues, all of them able to remind voters why they are angry:

  1. End the “free trade” that has allowed mercantilist countries to plunder our industry, destroying middle-class jobs.
  2. End illegal immigration, greatly reduce legal immigration, and demand immigrants to adopt our culture.
  3. Destroy “Political Correctness” by revealing it for what it is, a variant of Marxism.
  4. Promise we will not fight any more avoidable wars.
  5. Give the interests of Whites the same level of support from the federal government that blacks, Mestizos, and other Third World immigrants receive.

With regard to the last point, what I would advise Mr. Trump to say is, “I will represent all Americans, including White Americans.” He need not add that Hillary is the black candidate; everyone already knows it. Had it not been for massive black support of Hillary in the primaries, Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee.

The Establishment will howl if Trump uses these issues to stoke voters’ anger, but it will do so because it knows anger can overcome its secret weapon, psychological conditioning. Most American voters, I think, have more respect for a punch in the nose than for a stab in the back.