The Election: Fight Fear with Fear

The campaign of fear directed against Donald Trump has already begun. It will be the Democrats’ main theme, as it was in Lyndon Johnson’s campaign in 1964. Republicans are joining in too, the Establishment’s fear of being called “politically incorrect” driving House Speaker Paul Ryan to denounce Trump as a “racist” for suggesting a Latino judge might let his race influence his decisions. Never mind that we are frequently told blacks cannot get fair trials from White judges and White juries. PC, which is really cultural Marxism, decrees you can say whatever you want about Whites (so long as it’s bad), but never about its sacred “victim” groups.

Fear campaigns can be powerful and effective, as Goldwater found out. How should Trump respond? Not by saying, “Oh, I’m really not that bad,” which won’t work and may come across to his base as cowardice. Rather, he needs to fight fear with fear.

Hillary and the rest of the Establishment offer up plenty Americans should be afraid of. First is another stupid, avoidable war to bring “democracy” to the Middle East, at the cost of trillions of dollars, too many of our kids’ lives and, in the end, another failure. Hillary is all for such wars. She pushed Obama into attacking Libya, after Qadaffi had done everything we’d asked him to (other dictators took note). The predictable result–I did predict it, in a paper for the EU just before the war kicked off–was another state destroyed and Fourth Generation war unleashed all over North Africa. That would have tubed any other politician, and should tube Hillary. Trump should attack her as the war monger she is.

Immigration, legal and illegal, has left many native-born Americans living in fear. They, and we, are correct to fear more of it. Islamic immigration may be the most dangerous at the moment, but anytime you take immigrants from other cultures who will not acculturate, you import a new base for 4GW on our own soil. That is something we should fear very much. We do not want to become Iraq, or Syria, or France for that matter.

The whole Establishment, both its Democrat and Republican wings, agrees we must continue to spend more money than the federal government takes in. At some point, the ballooning debt will mean we suffer a debt crisis, which we should fear. A debt crisis is not just a garden-variety recession. It is a depression, with a rapid fall of standard of living, that goes on for years or decades. Look at Greece. Because Greece is (for now) on the Euro, its government cannot do what governments usually do, which is inflate the currency and pay the debt back in worthless money. But we could, and would. The Fed would create new money in the hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars. In the end, what is left of the American middle class would be wiped out.

Hillary also means a deepening of what White Americans fear and loathe, namely cultural Marxism itself. Will we get “hate speech” laws where this column could land me, or you for reading it, in jail? Any defiance of cultural Marxism is, in its lexicon, “hate”. Will we get a five-vote far-Left bloc on the Supreme Court that tears up what is left of the Bill of Rights and decides we must pay American blacks trillions of dollars in “reparations”? Much of Trump’s support is a rebellion against political correctness; should he not point out Hillary’s election will mean we get more of it stuffed down our throats?

The list of things the Establishment wants and the rest of us should fear is endless: more free trade until the last of our industry vanishes, more exporting of jobs to contractors in places such as India, more destruction of property rights (often in the name of “the environment”, the Establishment’s pagan god).

So, Donald, fight fear with fear. Remind Americans, over and over, how much they have to fear if Lady MacBeth is our next president. The course the Establishment has set us on, and demands we remain on, faces us with grave dangers. The Establishment will succeed to some degree in making you frightening. You can, with good reason, make it more frightening still. favicon

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  1. I actually think that Trump and the Republicans who still have dignity within the party should specifically start using the term “Cultural Marxism”. Get the debate out in the open.

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