Silence of the Lions

Sometimes the most important indicator of what is to come is not noise but silence. I think that may be the case now, not only here but in Europe as well.

Since the events of January 6, the 70+ million Americans who voted to re-elect President Trump have gone silent.  Judging by the mainstream media, it is as if they ceased to exist.  We do not hear their voices.  In politics, the Democrats serve their “victims” groups and the Republicans carry water for Wall Street, as usual.  No one represents or speaks for the 70+ million.

The news is dominated by the travails and demands of just 13% of our population, the blacks.  While President Trump did remarkably well for a Republican among black voters, the large majority of those who voted to re-elect him were white.  The media that regularly headlined “Black Lives Matter” (except, apparently, to blacks, from the rate at which they kill each other) have nothing to say about these white Americans.  Many have been devastated by the coronapanic and the repeated shut-downs of normal life, but they don’t count.  They have all become “unpersons.”

The situation is similar in Europe.  But there, some ordinary people are starting to make themselves heard.  Berlin just saw a large and violent demonstration against the latest virus-justified shutdown.  To understand the German situation, you have to know that when Germany’s short summer arrives, most German life moves outdoors.  This is partly a factor of most Germans living in small apartments and partly of Germans’ romantic relationship with nature.  But to tell Germans they may have to stay inside through another summer is a very big deal–especially when everyone knows the reason, namely the EU’s typical bureaucratic incompetence in distributing effective vaccines.

The most explosive situation may be that in France.  For decades, ordinary Frenchmen have found themselves pressured by a large, growling, increasingly fanatical and violent Moslem population that, for the most part, rejects acculturation, i.e., becoming French.  The Thursday, April 29 Wall Street Journal reported a countermove by the new French Resistance:

Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigrant National Rally party, threw her support behind a group of retired generals who published a letter in the far-right magazine Valuers Actuelles, saying the spread of Islamism and other ideologies is pushing France towards a civil war. . .

“There’s no time for procrastination.  Otherwise, a civil war will put an end to the growing chaos,” the letter says.

Anyone familiar with French history will not take this lightly.  Civil war is a long-standing French tradition, as are mass uprisings against situations ordinary Frenchmen view as intolerable.  As an Englishman, writing during the Napoleonic Wars, said of the French, “Individually they are contemptible, but in a mass they are terrible.”

Events in France also have a history of exerting influence throughout the rest of the West.  If the French rise up against Islamic immigrants and the cultural Marxism of the elites that bids the immigrants welcome, what might the spillover effects be in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden, all of which face the same problem?  Germany’s Turks are partially acculturated, especially those born in Germany, but what of Frau Merkel’s disastrous million-plus Arabs?  You see them everywhere, the women in black bags and surrounded by many children, all being raised at German taxpayers’ expense.  The conflict in Syria is almost over; time to go home, folks?

The left forgets that when you finally push the whites, European or of European descent, too far, they remember they come from great warrior peoples.  Compared to some other ethnic groups, they are hard to arouse.  But once you’ve done it, blood flows in great quantities.  They don’t just kill; they kill in highly organized ways, ways that can dispose of millions.

The lions that are Western peoples are currently led by asses.  The asses think the lion’s silence, enforced by political correctness, means they have been beaten.  But that is not what it means.  It means that, not allowed to vent, the pressure among those populations is building.  If they blow, it’s not going to be pretty.  Should that happen first in France, don’t be surprised.

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