At TraditionalRight, we want to identify and analyze paradigm shifts that affect the Western world. If you think you have spotted a new shifting paradigm, please submit a letter to the editor! These are the ones we have identified so far:

Cultural Marxism
Back in the 1990’s, William S. Lind hosted a program on cultural conservatism that covered a broad range of topics. Here we are proud to feature the episode on Cultural Marxism, or political correctness, explaining its origins, aims, and far reaching effects.

Part 1

Part 2



Globally states are losing legitimacy and their monopoly on warfare. People are shifting their loyalty from the state to cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, and ideological entities. Western states have yet to succumb to these forces, but their future existence is beginning to be called into question.



Thanks in part to cultural Marxism and its enforcement of mass third-world immigration into Western homelands, the politics of identity promise to radically alter future human interactions. Ethnic and tribal affiliations will carry more weight than allegiance to the state. It was initially considered to be a component of 4GW abroad, but identity is likely to to change the Western world as well.



There’s more to the economic paradigm than Keynes vs. Hayek. A fractured economy can be an indicator of more serious systemic cultural issues. Within the broader vision of a New Traditionalism there needs to be a basis of prudent economic policy and a belief that our economy can be as strong as it once was if it is understood to be a tool for serving man, rather than a master to be served by him.