Welcome to traditionalRIGHT!

traditionalRIGHT is a journal devoted to β€œthe Permanent Things,” as Russell Kirk called them. But we consider them here in a new context, a context defined not by current paradigms – Republican vs. Democrat, conservative vs. liberal, legislative battles over gun rights, abortion, gay marriage and so on – but in paradigms now beginning to emerge. These new and radically different paradigms will define the 21st century. They will also determine the battlefields on which the Permanent Things, the truths embodied in traditional Western culture, must be defended, and we intend, led to victory.

traditionalRIGHT wishes to outline what is being called a New Traditionalism. We are inspired by the traditions and ways of life of our ancestors and of the greater Western world. We aim to bring traditionalist thinking and understanding of human nature into the forefront of politics and society.

Our publisher, William S. Lind, knew Dr. Kirk and was also an associate of the late Paul M. Weyrich for more than twenty years. With Dr. William Marshner of Christendom College he introduced the concept of cultural conservatism in two books published in the 1980s. He co-authored Paul Weyrich’s last book, The Next Conservatism (St. Augustine’s Press, 2009). Mr. Lind is also widely known for his writings on military theory and public transportation. He authors a regular column on military affairs for The American Conservative magazine and serves as Director of the affiliated American Conservative Center for Public Transportation.

Our founders are men in their twenties. They conceived this journal, knowing that their generation will face a very different environment from that in which American politics have been conducted since the end of World War II. Paradigm shifts are not small changes.

Hence, again, the purpose of this journal: to perceive these paradigm shifts as early as possible, and to ready the forces of traditionalism to operate and triumph within them. This is no easy task. Many of the paradigm shifts that will make 21st century America a radically different place have not yet begun to emerge.

But as another of our mentors, Colonel John Boyd, stressed, whoever can orient first and most accurately has a great advantage. If traitionalRIGHT succeeds in orienting traditionalists and defenders of the West to emerging paradigms before our culture’s enemies can do so, it will have accomplished all we hope for it.

Who dares wins.