Mars Ascendant

By “Mars Ascendant,” I do not mean the little green men who pole their gondolas along the planet’s peaceful canals are about to invade and conquer earth.  I refer to a different Mars, Mars the god of war.  I think he is about to take a prominent place in the history of this country.

In most segments of the American right, I find a sense that a reckoning is coming.  The enemy is cultural Marxism, the ideology that is driving hard to put an end to Americans’ freedom of thought and expression.  Anyone accused of “racism, sexism, or homophobia” is to become an “unperson,” fired from their job, unemployable in their profession, thrown out of their school, unpublished, unmentionable.  Their number includes everyone who voted for Donald Trump, anyone who does not prostrate himself before cultural Marxism’s “victim” groups, anybody who does not hate Western Culture, the Christian Religion, the white race, males, and straights.  Last time I counted, that’s quite a number of people.  Most of them know how to shoot.

The cause of our coming civil war will be cultural Marxism.  But, as in many wars, the trigger may be something else.  I have expected a financial collapse to be the trigger, a financial collapse proceeding from the Fed’s mad money creation.  That still may be the case.  But something new is showing on the political horizon, something likely to make many people on the right wonder if they have enough ammunition: a national mandate that everyone get a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

I am not an anti-vaxxer.  I got my two shots (Moderna) as soon as I could.  I urge everyone who has not been vaccinated to get their shots soon.  We’ll all have large green horns growing out of our foreheads by Christmas, and they’ll be festive.

But the vaccine is not what’s at stake here.  What’s at stake is whether the elites who are trying to force cultural Marxism down our throats will succeed in doing so with the COVID vaccine.  Because if they can do it with the one, they can do it with the other.  AND IT’S THE SAME PEOPLE PUSHING BOTH!  That’s the issue, and that’s what the elites don’t get but ordinary Americans do.

The establishment is moving towards a vaccine mandate in its usual way, by having its pimps puff the idea in the usual places.  According to a thoughtful article opposing mandates in the Sunday, August 8 Cleveland Plain Dealer, by Taylor Dotson and Nicholas Tampio, the Washington Post’s Max Boot, previously best known as a neo-clown howler for the Iraq war, is now pushing a vaccine mandate, writing “Stop pleading with anti-vaxxers and start mandating vaccinations.”  The Pentagon has just announced a vaccine mandate for all U.S. military personnel.  Many states and cities will mandate vaccination for their First Responders, if not for all employees. 

But as Dotson and Tampio write,

If this rhetoric and these efforts lead to a de facto national vaccine mandate, it will backfire: Americans from all walks of life resist being told what to put into their bodies, and many will resent any politician of institution that makes them get vaccinated, creating a crisis of legitimacy. . .

As I have written many times, Fourth Generation war is above all else a contest for legitimacy.  A state which has already brought its legitimacy into question by attempting to force an alien and destructive ideology on its citizens has little ground left to give before it finds itself standing on thin ice.  Millions of Americans who have already been told they are “unpersons” will not only resent the people and institutions behind a vaccine mandate, they will resist them.

Dotson and Tampio hit on the central issue when they write,

Researchers have found that in some cases, vaccine resistance can be an expression of what the New York Times described as an ingrained “moral preference for liberty and individual rights.”

It is precisely that “moral preference for liberty” that America was founded on.  It runs deep in the blood and soil of the Heartland, that vast geographic portion of the map painted red in both 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections.  Americans have the right to reject the vaccine just as they have the right to believe, say and write that races are different, the two sexes are different, sex outside marriage is sinful and Christianity is the only wholly true religion.  They have the right to do and say these things without being “canceled,” fired, arrested for “hate speech” or blackballed in their chosen field by a left-wing McCarthyism that makes the original version seem like small potatoes.

Heartland Americans believe these rights are worth fighting for.  And so a vaccine for a not terribly dangerous disease may trigger a vast revolt, the revolt against cultural Marxism and all those institutions and people who seek to make it the replacement for liberty.  The revolt is coming; the only question is the trigger.  If a vaccine mandate does not trigger it, something else will.  Mars is in the ascendant.