How to Fight Islamic Terrorism

I’ll be honest. I do not take Islam all that seriously. Sure, Middle Eastern religious minorities have plenty of reasons to be worried. Even Europe to a small degree should maintain a general awareness of the Mohammedans. But here in America, Islam itself, be it moderate or “extremist”, is of no consequence to our civilization, despite what the holy warriors of the dissident Right insist.

Western governments have been fighting Islamic terrorism for well over a decade now, all in response to the attacks on 9/11. But why was America attacked? We can argue all day long over whether it was because of American involvement in the Middle East, the United States government’s support for the state of Israel, or that “they hate us because we’re free.” Well, I am here to tell you, dear reader, that those are all, at best, secondary causes of terrorism by Muslims.

The primary cause of the events like 9/11, etc., is Leftist social engineering that brought in millions of immigrants from non-European stock and told us to pretend that they are all just like us. Don’t you feel culturally enriched? I sure did when the World Trade Center towers were destroyed. I did again in 2009 when a Palestinian shot up Fort Hood. The cultural vibrancy was practically spilling over when two Chechens blew up the Boston marathon. Europe has experienced similar enrichment in the last decade-plus as well with bombings, beheadings, an unstoppable rape epidemic, and the like. None of this would have been remotely possible if Europeans peoples were allowed to have their own countries.

If Western governments are serious about putting an end to Islamic terrorism, there is just one course of action: remove the invaders, build high walls, and enforce the borders without compromise. Land mines and machine guns make good barriers.

Europe has nearby Muslim neighbors, but they have virtually no technology or civilizational infrastructure. An Islamic conquest by a formal military action would be nothing short of a joke. Seal up the borders to keep the immigrants out of Europe and… well that’s it. No more bombings, mass rapes, beheadings, etc. once Europe is European again.

The United States, blocked to the East and West by vast oceans, has only the Mexican invasion to worry about. Make America again what it was, an outpost of Europe on the North American continent, and the terrorism threat essentially vanishes. Under those circumstances, Islamics can’t get here unless they are invited or they sneak across either the Mexican or Canadian borders. Mexican crimes dry up as the American southwest is no longer home to La Raza and drug cartels simply don’t have a presence there anymore. Problem solved.

Islamic terrorism does not mean the West needs to go on a global police mission for the foreseeable future. If our governments were serious, they would stop bringing in the people who commit the acts we are concerned with. And frankly, seeing as they have rejected everything the world has thrown at them in the last one hundred years, the Saracens could be useful allies in combating the forces of globalism. They have certainly proven they can hold onto their identities in the face of evil. As long as we have our homeland and they have theirs, there will be no problems. Good fences make good neighbors. favicon