How the Mainstream Media Mislead

A police shooting last week in Dallas, Texas was interesting not because of what the mainstream press reported, but of what they did not report.  What they did not report reveals how they often mislead the public, to the point of becoming “fake news”.

The incident, a tragic one, involved a female Dallas police officer who apparently mistook a neighbor’s apartment for her own, walked in, encountered a black male, and shot him fatally.  The man was a respectable citizen, a risk analyst for a global auditing firm.  Some facts remain in dispute, but the police officer has been charged with manslaughter.

In a major story on the incident, the New York Times reported on September 15 that

In some ways, the drama unfolding in Dallas looks and feels similar to other high-profile police shootings of unarmed black men that have gripped the country in succession in recent years.

The Times quoted State Senator Royce West,

a Democrat who is African-American and whose district includes the South Side Flats (where the incident occurred).  “The question is whether or not she saw a black man and then decided to shoot.  Regardless of whether or not he was in the right place or not, her first impulse appeared to be that she was going to fire her weapon.”

Two facts loom over this incident, neither of which the Times reported–nor, probably, did any other mainstream media.  First, cops react to black males the way they do because the black rate of crime is twelve times the white rate, and most of that crime is committed by young black males.  Two different studies, both based on U.S. government statistics, support the twelve times figure:  Jared Taylor’s The Color of Crime and a detailed study by Ron Unz which was published some years ago in The American Conservative magazine (Unz did not report his findings in those terms, but I spoke with him at the time and he said his numbers also pointed to a black rate about twelve times the white rate).  So high is the violent crime rate of young black males that everyone avoids them if they can, including other blacks (most of the victims of black crime are also black).  Cops cannot avoid them; on the contrary, their duty to protect the rest of us means they must confront them, which often leads to cops getting hurt or killed.  Police are and must be realists, however much the mainstream press passes over in silence the realities they face.

The Dallas shooting points to another fact the fake media ignore: women are poorly suited to most police work because they cannot deal with a hostile male except by reaching for their gun.  Although the movies are full of petite, lovely women beating up big men, in real life that seldom happens.  Most men will win a physical fight with most women, including most women cops.  As any cop will tell you, police officers get in lots of fights.  Most male cops can keep the level of violence below deadly force because they can win a fight with another man.  A woman cop has to go for her gun, sometimes at the outset.  That may be what happened in this case.

Why won’t the mainstream media report these facts?  Because they are politically incorrect.  Cultural Marxism demands we pretend there are no differences between races or ethnic groups or between men and women.  As everyone knows, reality says otherwise.  But the mainstream media is completely controlled by the cultural Marxists: defy them and you get fired.

So the “fake news” mainstream media wins that title not by what it prints but by what it leaves out.  Over and over, on issue after issue, the mainline press misleads the public by refusing to report salient facts, like the two I have pointed out here.

We can even give them a little test.  I am a New York Times subscriber.  I challenge the editor to print this column.  It speaks directly to one of your stories.  It could not be more relevant.

Chicken?  You bet he is.


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