Goddesses and Men at Harvard

When I was a student at Dartmouth, 1965-69, Harvard, like my alma mater, was all male. With virtually all other men’s colleges, it has since been forced by political correctness, aka cultural Marxism, to admit women (note that women colleges have not been compelled to admit men). That changes the culture of an institution in innumerable ways, many not to its benefit. When I was at Dartmouth, virtually no one locked their dorm room doors. Now, you need a code just to get into a dorm. If there is a threat, men can take care of themselves. Women can’t. So with women come endless demands for better security. Dartmouth’s police force, which in my day was a joke (when two campus cops in a cruiser tried to stop a multi-dorm snowball fight, the students carried them, in their car, up the steps of Baker library and left it there), is now omnipresent. Appropriately, its initials are SS.

The script of culturally Marxist feminism (an earlier feminism was pro-family) does not end with women’s admission into previously all-male institutions. Then come demands for parity, including in activities not natural to women; making women comfortable, which is to say creating the atmosphere of a boudoir; and finally privileging women over men in everything. Cultural Marxism’s goal is not equality. It is putting its victims groups, feminist women, blacks, gays, etc., above white men, non-feminist women, conservative blacks, Asians, and so on. The losers come out on top, while the producers are forced to the bottom. This is the Frankfurt School’s interpretation of Nietzsche’s “transvaluation of all values.”

At Harvard and elsewhere, the feminists’ current plot is to accuse virtually all men of rape, which in New-speak means any action a woman doesn’t like, even if she decides she didn’t like it long after the fact. The cultural Marxists use such bogus definitions to justify phony statistics like “one-third of the women on college campuses have been raped.” To protect women (who by their nature need infinite protection, which is to say the demand can never be satisfied), the college must establish star-chamber judicial processes whereby any male student accused of rape or any other sexual assault is presumed guilty. Just as with judicial proceedings in other totalitarian, ideological states, the accused is judged and sentenced before the trial begins.

This recently happened at Harvard. Amazingly, some professors have dared stand up for equal justice for men (which is very politically incorrect, since by definition all men are oppressors). The October 16 New York Times reported that

Dozens of Harvard Law School faculty members are asking the university to withdraw its new sexual misconduct policy, saying that it violates basic principles of fairness…

“Harvard has made the Title IX office (Federal anti-discrimination law) the charger, the prosecutor, the investigator, the adjudicator, and the appeals board…So at every stage, that office is deeply invested in the rightness of what they did at the prior state,” Professor (Janet) Halley (one of the signers) said…

The new policy, the professors said, is skewed against the accused, who have no assurance of adequate representation, or of a chance to confront witnesses or present a defense at an adversary hearing.

None of this is unique to Harvard. The same kinds of totalitarian “codes of sexual conduct,” coupled with judicial processes straight out of Stalin’s Moscow, are going  into place at colleges and universities across the country. The only surprise is that some faculty at Harvard (including at least one woman) objected.

The same elevation of women into goddesses who can do or say no wrong and degradation of men into helots has come or will come to every institution the feminists target. The process is already well underway in the military, where any NCO or officer who gives a woman an order she does not like risks a charge of sexual harassment, with a commissar-like system of authorities who lie outside the chain of command to back her up. With women now being forced upon the combat arms, God help the male tanker who, when the tank lurches, bumps up hard against a broad.

The culturally Marxist ideal is a society of empowered women and emasculated men. Any such society would be too soft, too weak, too sentimental to survive very long (as our treatment of Ebola illustrates). But the fact that the destruction of manhood means the destruction of Western society (or any society) is music to the cultural Marxists’ ears. That has been their objective from the beginning. Thanks, ladies, for giving them a helping hand. Just remember that when civilization vanishes, you end up getting dragged by your hair to the nearest cave. favicon

4 thoughts on “Goddesses and Men at Harvard”

  1. Excellent. The beta-boy conservatives and white knights spend an awful lot of time putting women on a pedestal, when in reality these women have betrayed them. There will be a reckoning, one can hope, in the form of Western patriarchy, Islam, or conquest by some other less ‘enlightened’ civilisation. Whether as collaborators deserving of just retribution or as bounty of war, the coming fate of Western women is unlikely to be a comfortable one for them.

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