Well, well. It seems the Martyr of Ferguson, Michael Brown, had robbed a convenience store just minutes before a policeman shot him to death. He wasn’t shot because he was a thief, but it would have been appropriate if he had been. If the police officer’s story is accurate, Brown was shot because he assaulted the cop in an effort to grab his gun. People only try to grab a cop’s gun if they intend to use it to kill the cop. So Brown was both a thief and an intended cop-killer. It is probably safe to say his demise was no great loss to society.

The rioting in Ferguson and the howling and bawling elsewhere over Brown’s death is really about a larger issue. The issue is that cops do not treat young black males the same way they treat whites, Asians, black women or older black men. There is a reason why they don’t: they can’t.

The black rate of violent crime is twelve times the white rate. Not double. Not triple. Twelve times. The large majority of this crime is committed by young black males. So when a cop encounters a young black male, he encounters someone who is twenty, thirty, maybe fifty times more likely to be a violent criminal than when he encounters virtually anyone else (the Hispanic crime rate appears to be about three times the white rate; cops are also right to be leery of young Hispanic males). Cops, unlike politicians and professional howlers for “equality,” have to live in the real world. In the real world, young black males must be regarded as dangerous, at least until there is some reason to believe the specific young male is not, e.g., he is on his way home from Bible study.

If blacks want to be treated equally, they have to behave equally. They don’t. It is as simple as that. Until the black rate of violent crime is the same as that for whites, blacks have no right to demand equal treatment. The correct response to their demand is, “First clean up your own act, then come back and talk to us about equality.

Instead, every time, the blacks line up with the black criminals, such as Brown, against the police. They do so despite the fact that most victims of black violent crime are also black. The real oppressors of the black urban community are not the cops but the young black males with guns. Other blacks who support them are supporting their oppressors and reviling those, the police, who want to maintain order in the community. That is, by any standard, remarkably stupid.

None of this is an argument for militarizing the police, something we have also seen in Ferguson. Militarizing the police is a bad idea, because it undermines cops‘ ability to do their job. The state’s bargain with its citizens is that is will maintain order, safety of persons and property. To do that, it must prevent crime, not just respond to it. Prevention requires information, which only comes when there is lots of communication between the police and the civilians they are trying to protect. Militarizing the police interrupts that communication, because civilians are not comfortable talking to cops who look like cyborgs. That leaves the police able only to respond to crime, at which point the peace has been broken and the state has failed.

The tragedy in Ferguson and elsewhere is that not long ago, as recently as the 1950s, the black urban community was a safe place, for blacks and whites. It may have been poorer than surrounding white areas, but it was still an ordered, decent place inhabited by good people, people who lived by standard middle class values. They got married before they had kids, they worked for a living, they served God and their neighbors–white and black–and the crimes they committed were the same ones whites commit, like jaywalking or rolling through an occasional stop sign. There is nothing inherent in blacks that make their communities centers of crime, disorder and illegitimacy.

So what did it? In two words, cultural Marxism. The message the cultural Marxists preached in the 1960s — “If it feels good, do it”– devastated the black Community. After half a century of bombardment by that message in an endless variety of forms, all adding up to a culture of instant gratification, the black urban community is literally de-moralized. Ironically, at the same time the cultural Marxists have made blacks perhaps the most sacred of their “victims groups,” they have also done them more damage than the Klan ever did.

The message to Ferguson from the rest of us is this: We’re tired of the whole black act. Were tired of blacks behaving badly while demanding to be treated well. We’re tired of the violent crime, the endless stream of bastards, the welfare we have to pay to support them, the drugs, the rioting, the looting, the “demands,” all of it. Clean up your act, or the day will come when the rest of us have to clean it up for you. And that would be a shame, because your grandparents and great-grandparents were good people. You could be, too.tr favicon