Cultural Marxism Takes the Offensive

After a period of quiescence, cultural Marxism is again on the attack. It is advancing on at least three fronts: racial, sexual, and religious. In every case, its target is Marcuse’s hated “reality principle”, which is to say everything that enables society to function. As the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School repeatedly stated, their ideology’s goal is “negation”, i.e., bringing everything down. The farther society can be pushed away from reality, the greater the dimensions of its collapse.

On the racial front, the cultural Marxists are trying to make every instance in which a cop shoots a black a crime–with the police officer the criminal. Because the black rate of violent crime is twelve times the white rate, cops often finds themselves facing young black males who either are carrying a gun or, from the cop’s knowledge, are likely to have one. The cop’s life is on the line. But now, even if the black is both a criminal and armed, the cop’s job and maybe his freedom are at risk if he shoots. He is put in an impossible position, thereby bringing about the “negation” cultural Marxism seeks. The cops, who are both symbols and bringers of order, are paralyzed and disorder spreads. “Negative dialects” take another step forward.

On the sexual front, we see both on college campuses and in our military another push for “negation.” The feminists, who are now wholly subsumed in the cultural Marxists, first demand young men and young women be intimately mixed. Colleges have coed dorms and women will soon be serving on submarines. Any attempt to separate the sexes is labelled “discrimination”. Equality is falsely defined as interchangeability even as science finds more and more differences between the male and female brains. Then, having put young men and young women cheek by jowl, cultural Marxism says, “Now now, no bunga-bunga.” When hormones have their way, as they will, the man (never the woman) is guilty of “sexual assault” or even “rape”. Earlier generations know that if you want to prevent young people from having sex, you have to separate them. The cultural Marxists know that too, but if your goal is to destroy a society, you want to force actions that lead to dysfunction, i.e., “negation”.

On the religious front, a growing number of Christian business owners are being ordered to burn incense to the Emperor, on pain of death of their business. Cultural Marxism’s substitute for the Roman Emperor is gay “marriage”, which is impossible; it is simply not what the word means. But any Christian businessman or woman who refuses to sell products or services to gay “weddings” risks being hauled into court. If you are a believer and a business owner, you are now to be denied freedom of conscience. You must participate in a rite Christianity (and Judaism and Islam) say is sinful. When Indiana recently tried to offer Christians a very modest level of protection, the whole Establishment came down on it. The state’s Republican governor did what Republicans usually do and caved.

In all of this, we see cultural Marxism is the worst of all possible Puritanisms: it is Puritanism without God and without virtue. One might go so far as to call it Puritanism against God and against virtue, since its Frankfurt School founders were atheists (all good Marxists must be) and they embraced Nietzshe’s “transvaluation  of all values”, which means the old virtues become sins and the old sins become virtues. Christians who follow the commands of their faith are sinners and active homosexuals are paragons of virtue. Black is white and down is up.

How can we fight this? By reveling what is behind it, the little man behind the curtain. It is a variant of Marxism, not Marxism-Leninism, nor classical economic Marxism, but Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. Once the average American finds that out, learns about the Frankfurt School and understands its goal is “negation”, which means destroying everything, it will be in trouble. Cultural Marxism can only succeed so long as its real nature and goals are largely unknown. It’s time to turn on the light and make the roaches run. favicon

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  1. Excellent as always. I sure hope it’s true that awareness will have that effect. I’m often butting heads with folks who do not even care. Hopefully others are having a different experience.

  2. Marx was bad, and Marx inspired Gramsci, but the problem goes way back.

    The problem is older than Marx – the problem is older than Wollstonecraft’s Vindications pamphlets.

    The problem goes back at least as far as Cromwell, because Cromwell was the one who ruined Puritanism, and turned it into pseudo-Puritanism.

    Blame Oliver Cromwell. He’s the one who taught WASPs that they could be holier than Jesus.

  3. In essence, an excellent exposé. Now, “cultural-Marxism”, aka “western-Marxism”, and more accurately “cultural-communism”, and even much more accurately “Western-Leninism” is based on the praxes introduced and advocated by Italian Bolshevik and personal friend of Lenin’s, Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci was imprisoned in 1926 by Mussolini. Having nothing to do but navel-gazing, Gramsci realized that Bolshevism had not materialized the red firestorm that most of all in the Left truly believed would sweep the entire world after the truly amazing feat by the Russian Bolsheviks –with Lenin as their leader– of taking over Russia, destroying the Romanoff dynasty and czarism, and creating the monstrously huge Soviet Union.

    Gramsci cogitated that Russian Bolshevism would not function in developed and semi-developed societies, although it would probably function in developing and underdeveloped ones. But the main target of Marx’s was the developed and semi-developed societies where the proletariat (i.e., to Marx, factory floor-plant workers) was aplenty. So, Gramsci, still believing that Lenin had been a truly a Marxist (i.e., other than government ownership of all the ways and means of the production and distribution of all goods and services in society, Leninism is antithetical to Marxism proper), went into pinpointing what in his mind were the non-physically repressive tools of societal control employed in non-socialist and non-communist societies by the dominant strata to co-opt “the masses” on their side. Gramsci called “Cultural Hegemony” such kind of way of exerting societal control.

    He then proposed that the Leninists, instead of using the Russian Bolshevik praxes to achieve and retain overall power, should use their own “Cultural Hegemony”, and that to such effect, the Leninists should snatch from the right those tools of societal control, tools he identified as: a well-established conventional political power, the media, academia, the intelligentsia, the arts and entertainment, and if possible, organized religion. By then, organized labor was very much already in the hands of the Left. Organized religion started to fall in the hands of the Left after the introduction of “theology of ‘liberation’” in the 1960s.

    Furthermore, to employ such “tools” efficiently and effectively, he borrowed from the democratic ways that German former-Marxist Eduard Bernstein and the English Fabians advocated to achieving and staying in power: gradualism, the use of democracy to gradually –via legislation, regulation , and reform– get there.

    That’s cultural communism, or as the author calls it, cultural communism, or Western Marxism or actually Western Leninism…the latte for Gramsci left the door open to, once at the top of overall power, return to Bolshevis to remain in power, but not to the savage, bestial form of Russian Bolshevism, but to a sort of “adaptive Bolshevism”, based on the realities and idiosyncrasy of the particular society targeted for takeover.

    The “cultural” comes from Gramsci’s “Cultural Hegemony”.

    Obama and the rest of the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party belong there, and that’s why they persecute active dissidents with the IRS, the SEC, the FDA, OSHA, the FBI, the DOJ, the DHS, the ATF, etc.

    You see, Russians were very used to get brutalized after centuries of czarism; thus jumping from the pan into the flames, i.e., into the terror and violence of Russian Bolshevism was not too much a change. But, for Americans, not used to getting abused, let alone terrorized, czarist style, getting persecuted via those federal executive branch entities Obama and the rest of the ideological marrow of the Democrat Party employ, are more than enough to terrorize Americans.

    And now they are going violent and brazen‼

    Check about the outrageous police raids of the homes of grassroots-conservatives in Milwaukee that support Scott Walker.

    So much for cultural communism.

  4. My family has its first race mixing. My nephew married a Chinese, I think….and they have a son. There goes our Germanic tradition

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