A modern military defense, as first developed by the German Army during World War I, is based not on rigidly holding a line but on the counterattack. If the enemy initially penetrates, so much the better; it is all the easier for the counterattack to destroy him.

Unfortunately, in politics, conservatives’ defenses remain pure trench warfare. The strategic result is slow but steady defeat. What if instead we began counterattacking? How might this work?

The cultural Marxists’ recent victory on the the gay “marriage” issue–such a marriage actually remains impossible, because it is not what the word “marriage” means–provides an example. This victory, enabled by an ideologically-driven four-vote block on the Supreme Court that sees itself and acts like a revolutionary tribunal (and is thus illegitimate) merely sets up the cultural Marxists’ next attacks. They will be directed against any institution that continues to reject gay “marriage”, including churches that will not perform such ceremonies (their tax exemptions will be threatened) and private wedding-related businesses that will not serve gay weddings; the latter we have already experienced, in the form of lawsuits against such businesses.

Here is a perfect example of a situation where conservatives could counterattack. If the law will not offer a conscience protection clause for such businesses, we can make the Left regret the absence of such protection. How? Examples include:

  • Go to Jewish bakeries and order cakes decorated with the swastika.
  • Order cakes decorated with the Confederate battle flag from black-owned bakeries.
  • Order cakes from gay-owned bakeries decorated with the words, “God hates queers.”
  • Go to gay-owned florists and order flower arrangements for rallies against gay “marriage”.

I am certain other conservatives can come up with more ideas along these lines. The goals is to put members of the cultural Marxists’ coalition in the same position as Christians who own wedding-related businesses. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Two can play at this game.

We might do well to make that phrase, “two can play at this game,” the motto for a conservative strategy of counterattacking instead of just trying to fend off the Left’s attacks. Conservatives have sufficient creativity to come up with specic ways to counterattack in many situations. What is lacking at the moment is the concept of a counterattack-based defense. We need to make that concept central to our efforts to protect what is left of our traditional culture. The alternative is a strategy that only influences how quickly we lose. favicon

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  1. I appreciate what you do on this web site. And I believe that western civilization is worth defending, but you yourselves should know how beat down conservatives are. You can write as many articles as you want, unless their is some sort of action taken many will not stand up. Mostly out of fear they will be called names just like a kindergartener. They are scared of names like raciest and homophobe. And with the way liberals attack could mean your job and lively hood. For white conservatives maybe even jail time for racism and violation of civil rights. As for myself I am not a great speaker I find it difficult to articulate how I fell. What we need is someone you can take that first step and do it well. They don’t even have to succeed just prove it can be done. I believe we can win and that western culture should be defended, I speak for it often. Sadly everyone aint me. WE all need to stand together and I think if we all at the same time counterattack on a national level we have a greater chance of success. WE need people who have a large network, can coordinate, and move quickly. Regardless I love what you guys do here. If you have any suggestions, or if anyone who reads this article or my comments would like to correspond and work together on this I can be reached at God Bless

  2. I’ve already wondered out loud why the attention-mongers in the Westboro Baptist Church haven’t ordered a “God Hates Fags!” cake yet.

    A problem here is that an attempt to order a Nazi or a Confederate flag cake from a black or Jewish bakery is unlikely to be seen sympathetically by a large share of the population. Many people believe the motives of gays ordering wedding cakes off Christian bakers are innocent; no one is going to believe this is anything but a transparent attempt at revenge.

    What might work better would be finding, say, a bakery associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and ordering something like a “Support the Police” cake, a “Black AND White Lives Matter” cake, or even a “Cop Lives Matter” cake.

    There’s a lot more people who’d be angry to see a message like that being denied than to see the Nazi swastika or “God Hates Fags!” denied.

  3. “I’ve already wondered out loud why the attention-mongers in the Westboro Baptist Church haven’t ordered a “God Hates Fags!” cake yet.”

    Personally, I believe that WBC is a Democrat/SJW front group. “Rev.” Phelps had all manner of close ties to Albert Gores Sr. and Jr. in Tennessee back in the day.

  4. Two must play at this game. Exposing double standards is important, but the inability to retaliate is a moral loss in another direction. People get tired of being the underdog all the time. They don’t want to walk on eggshells, they want to be “great again.” We respect those with the patience to turn the other cheek at times, but no one respects a doormat. Some will accuse you of being Goliath no matter how many times you curtsy before retaliating.

  5. The Left does things like this because they are spiritually women. Turning their tactics around on them doesn’t resonate with us because it’s passive-aggressive, womanly, and doesn’t end up resolving the issue.

    The Right’s response to attacks on our people and our culture should be beat-downs. We have a high tolerance for insanity, but when we act it should be purposeful and violent.

  6. Daniel, you try reading “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Though Police” by Vox Day. Good stuff in there for fighting back.

  7. So you are going to harass Kosher bakeries, who don’t like homosexual marriage, because you want to help the cultural marxists discredit you?
    Did I miss when you were hacked by communists or took an entire drug dealers stash before writing?

  8. I think Lind’s point is to make the Left’s coalition feel the effects of forcing people to do things they find morally objectionable, not just the white Christians who are hated by the government and media.

    Side note: you’ll be hard pressed to find Kosherites that don’t support homosexualism.

  9. This is satire. Please say that this is satire. You want conservatives to become known for specifically supporting the symbols of Fascism, Genocide and slavery?

  10. “Side note: you’ll be hard pressed to find Kosherites that don’t support homosexualism.”

    You are grossly ignorant. Jews who keep kosher, ie Orthodox Jews, do not support the homosexual agenda. Judaism is the reason homosexuality was not accepted in the West. It wasn’t the pederast loving Greeks and Romans. Your issue is with Reform, Reconstructions and non-practicing Jews, and atheists of Jewish descent. Attacking Kosher bakers is an act of pure hatred and stupidity, which will only hurt the movement.

    And as an aside, the homosexuals and left are attacking Orthodox Jews.

  11. How does attacking Kosher bakers, people who agree on this issue, anything but retarded?
    All you are doing is shouting that you are ignorant Nazis You sure y’all havene’;t been injected with late stage brain damaging AIDS?

  12. You mean #Cuckservatives?

    You are making a political statement using the SJW’s weapons against them. Make them explain it. Publicize it.

    SJW’s operate through symbols because they have made people afraid of the symbology. #Cuckservatives run at the first hint of the word “Bigot” or “Racist” or “Hater”. If you are going to flee these words, you have LOST.

    This tactic should be applied on a much wider scale, and not simply to cakes. We will be seeing it with the legalization of Polygamy. It should be used against the SJWs without mercy. The technique is called “Black Knighting”, and it emphasizes the absurdity of the SJW position.

  13. I don’t think we’re part of the same “movement” then.

    I’m intimately familiar with Orthodox Jews and in general they are entirely supportive of the homosexual agenda, especially for the goyim.

  14. I have no problem banning people that post inflammatory comments that add nothing to the discussion. You have been warned.

    Homosexualism is not the core of the issue. It’s a symptom. It doesn’t matter if certain groups share a few overlapping values with us.

    If you read my above comment I said that the tactics Lind suggests don’t work for us.

  15. None that I have ever met are in any synagogue, bakery, or civic organization.
    Please tell me of all the Orthodox Jews you know.

  16. You are letting all logic go over your head. What he is saying, is that Jews support faggotry, and a whole slew of other abominations, for non-Jews. Jews don’t want it among their own communities because they know it is destructive to their people. And destroying other people, especially white Christians, is their goal; hence supporting Sodomy FOR the Goy.

  17. Wow, I love the suggestions. I would recommend, if doing this, to take your video camera with you, and record the encounter, and put it up on Jewtube. At the very least, I may have to have my wife make me a Swastika cake this birthday 🙂

  18. Bill Lind has lost it. This is nonsense. The fact of the matter is that, though Christian, white people will be punished by the govt and villified for not making a cake for fags, NO ONE will be put out asking them to bake a Nazi cake or a “God hates fags” cake because they will simply refuse and tell you to go f— yourself. Although it is illegal to refuse service for deviants, the Supreme Court has ruled over and over that it is completely legal to discriminate against white Christians.

    Admiral Ackbar!

  19. Blackburn’s advice is excellent, FYI. You can start by learning about #gamergate, reading about the Hugo awards, look for The Red Pill on reddit, and then work to become resilient in your own life.

    The one thing you can do, first and foremost, is tell people, and keep telling them, that they should never apologize for what they believe and who they are.


  20. “You are letting all logic go over your head. What he is saying, is that Jews support faggotry, and a whole slew of other abominations, for non-Jews. Jews don’t want it among their own communities because they know it is destructive to their people. ”
    That’s just wrong. Jews who support homosexuality are almost exclusively atheists, agnostics, Reconstructionists (same difference), Reform, and Conservative/Masorti. They support homosexuality in their own communities. There is the double abomination of homosexual Reform and Reconstructionist Rabbis.
    Orthodox Jews support none of this. Are some Orthodox Jews, especially some Hasidim, insular and tainted by grievance? Absolutely. But they aren’t the majority

  21. Are you a conservative? Then you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic shitlord. Also neo-Nazi.

    Now tell me again why I should care what you think.

    Do you understand yet? There is literally no point in caring what anyone thinks of us, so we are free to do whatever we want in mocking the other side and making their lives difficult. Embrace it. Learn it. Love it.

  22. I have no problem if your wife is Jewish, but I don’t see how making her bake a swastika cake will change anything.

  23. This is something I’ve been wondering about myself. I would really like to know how we could respond to it.

    I know someone suggested minor acts of vandalism against local enemy leadership. The problem with that, though, is that it seems more reactive than proactive. A better option might be to find ourselves a fag-friendly county clerk and flood his office with requests at least as bogus as those asking for gay marriage certificates.

    Maybe two 12-year-olds could ask to get married in Los Angeles, claiming that their marriage is perfectly acceptable under the tenants of Sharia Law.

  24. The untitled swastika was also a Native American symbol in New Mexico. It was the name and symbol of the yearbook at New Mexico State University until the early 80s until some SJWs got butt hurt and managed to intimidate the admin into banning it.

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