A modern military defense, as first developed by the German Army during World War I, is based not on rigidly holding a line but on the counterattack. If the enemy initially penetrates, so much the better; it is all the easier for the counterattack to destroy him.

Unfortunately, in politics, conservatives’ defenses remain pure trench warfare. The strategic result is slow but steady defeat. What if instead we began counterattacking? How might this work?

The cultural Marxists’ recent victory on the the gay “marriage” issue–such a marriage actually remains impossible, because it is not what the word “marriage” means–provides an example. This victory, enabled by an ideologically-driven four-vote block on the Supreme Court that sees itself and acts like a revolutionary tribunal (and is thus illegitimate) merely sets up the cultural Marxists’ next attacks. They will be directed against any institution that continues to reject gay “marriage”, including churches that will not perform such ceremonies (their tax exemptions will be threatened) and private wedding-related businesses that will not serve gay weddings; the latter we have already experienced, in the form of lawsuits against such businesses.

Here is a perfect example of a situation where conservatives could counterattack. If the law will not offer a conscience protection clause for such businesses, we can make the Left regret the absence of such protection. How? Examples include:

  • Go to Jewish bakeries and order cakes decorated with the swastika.
  • Order cakes decorated with the Confederate battle flag from black-owned bakeries.
  • Order cakes from gay-owned bakeries decorated with the words, “God hates queers.”
  • Go to gay-owned florists and order flower arrangements for rallies against gay “marriage”.

I am certain other conservatives can come up with more ideas along these lines. The goals is to put members of the cultural Marxists’ coalition in the same position as Christians who own wedding-related businesses. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Two can play at this game.

We might do well to make that phrase, “two can play at this game,” the motto for a conservative strategy of counterattacking instead of just trying to fend off the Left’s attacks. Conservatives have sufficient creativity to come up with specic ways to counterattack in many situations. What is lacking at the moment is the concept of a counterattack-based defense. We need to make that concept central to our efforts to protect what is left of our traditional culture. The alternative is a strategy that only influences how quickly we lose. favicon